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Exchange Student Spotlight: Jesper Hagelberg, Business College Helsinki

January 2, 2023

International partnership offers unique experience in return of study abroad programs

Jesper Hagelberg

Taking advantage of a student-exchange program between Business College Helsinki and Finlandia University, Jesper Hagelberg set off to Hancock, MI, from Finland in the fall of 2022 with an opportunity to compete in NCAA DIII athletics while expanding the boundaries of his education.

An opportunity afforded by one of Finlandia University’s eight international partnerships with colleges and universities around the world, Hagelberg earned credit toward his degree in International Business while immersing himself in American culture in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

In this Q&A, Hagelberg details his experience living in the area, attending FinnU and having the opportunity to play for the Pride.

Where are you from?

Originally from Rauma, Satakunta, but nowadays I live in Helsinki , Uusimaa. (Capital of Finland)

Why did you choose Finlandia University as your school of exchange?

Finlandia and Business College Helsinki do co-operation so it was easier to come here rather than go somewhere else and I am really glad that the schools got this experience set up.

What do you like about Finlandia?

I like the school environment here. Also, I have enjoyed the campus life, since we do not have that much of it in Finland either.

What benefits do you see in pursuing an exchange student or study abroad program?

It is a great experience for sure and I think that when you see different educational systems and teaching methods it helps you to become a better student as well.

What have you enjoyed most about your exchange student (study abroad) experience at Finlandia?

I would say that being a student-athlete has been something I have enjoyed while being here since school and sports are completely different things back home. 

Jesper Hagelberg

Hagelberg (2) ranked second on the team for most minutes played (1148) this season.

What did you like most about being able to play for the Finlandia Lions Men’s Soccer team?

I have to say that I liked the experience to play abroad and I felt like my teammates were more like family to me. Playing with them was really easy and enjoyable.

What has been your favorite class at Finlandia?

I would have to say Leadership and Team skills.

What are your favorite things to do here in your spare time?

I like to go running outside and then just chill with my teammates.

Before his departure, Hagelberg thanked the faculty and staff of Finlandia University by offering mementos on behalf of Business College Helsinki.


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