Study Abroad Opportunities for FinnU Students

Opportunities to travel the world

Your college years might be the best time to travel abroad. By attending Finlandia University, your opportunity to experience different cultures and explore the world is enhanced by our ties with many excellent learning institutions in Finland, and our connections with other U.S. institutions of higher education. You will receive assistance and camaraderie that will make the culture jump easy and exciting, all while continuing your education.

Finlandia believes it is important for the student to be exposed to the world. By fostering exchange relations with foreign learning institutions we are able to bring experts from around the world to teach on campus and offer students the opportunity to attend college overseas.

Exclusive opportunities for FinnU students


Studying abroad for a full semester or more is an excellent way to complement your Finlandia studies, to gain new perspectives and view of the world, to make new friends, and to increase your value in the job market after graduation. Finlandia University students have the opportunity to study in Finland at one of the university’s partner institutions by participating in a student exchange. The International Exchange Program enables FinnU students to study at a variety of Finnish institutions, while earning Finlandia credit and being immersed in the Finnish culture.

Students who are approved to enroll in the Finlandia exchange pay Finlandia tuition, which allows you to maintain your financial aid package, including grants and scholarships (unique partner fees may be required). Students should meet with their advisor to work out a study plan that will enable them to transfer credits earned on an exchange towards their Finlandia degree. Students from any degree are invited to participate, and this often comes at no cost beyond typical FinnU tuition and residence life fees.

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Cooperative Center for Study Abroad

Cooperative Center for Study Abroad logoThe Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA) is a consortium of U.S. colleges and universities, which jointly offers study abroad programs in English-speaking regions. A not-for-profit organization, CCSA is headquartered at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Participants can receive higher education credit (undergraduate or graduate) for successfully completing the CCSA program in which they are enrolled. Classes are taught by faculty from consortium member schools.

Learn more about the program at ccsa.cc, or by contacting Finlandia’s Registrar’s Office. 

Scholarship Opportunities for Studying Abroad

Study Abroad Staff

Please contact us with any questions about study abroad opportunities at Finlandia University.

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