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How to Apply for Admission

Thank you for your interest in attending Finlandia University! Below is the admissions process and contact information.

FREE Online International Application


International Admissions | Finlandia University 601 Quincy Street| Hancock, MI 49930 USA

AFFIDAVIT OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Print this form, fill in all information, affix signatures of applicant AND sponsor (and bank official), and then send original. Canadian students use this form. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: Send original [...]

Servant Leadership - Service and Learning in Tanzania

Servant Leadership

Students at Finlandia University have the opportunity to develop servant leadership values and skills through specially designated religion courses.

Students participate in service activities, both locally and globally, with accompanying reflection activities; grow in their academic understanding of servant leadership; and engage in self-exploration.

Many students will place these larger questions of identity, passion and purpose within the framework of faith. The servant leadership courses are rooted in Christian teachings and practices, with openness and respect for religious differences. Interfaith dialogue [...]

Criminal Justice Trip

Students interested in traveling and studying criminal justice have the opportunity to take a trip to Finland.

The course usually lasts 17-18 days and occurs after the end of the spring semester. Students will travel from Hancock to Helsinki. Students usually stay in Helsinki for a night or two then travel to Tampere, Finland.

Tampere University is the host institution. This is done in concert with Sheffield Hallam Univeristy in the UK, Marquette University, Appalachia [...]

Study Abroad

Opportunities to travel the world

Your college years might be the best time to travel abroad. By attending Finlandia University, your opportunity to experience different cultures and explore the world is enhanced by our ties with many excellent learning institutions in Finland, and our connections with other U.S. institutions of higher education. You will receive assistance and camaraderie that will make the culture jump easy and exciting, all while continuing your education.

Finlandia believes it is important for the student to be [...]

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