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Student Spotlight: Kevin Danks, International Business Major

October 29, 2020

Kevin Danks is a transfer student at Finlandia University, majoring in International Business at the International School of Business. Communications work-study, Amanda Staege, recently interviewed him about his decision to transfer to Finlandia and what it’s like studying business at FinnU. 

Where are you from? Where did you graduate from high school?

I moved from the Lower Peninsula two years ago, from a city called Ludington. I’m originally from a city just north of Ludington, called Manistee. I graduated from Manistee High School back in 2008.

What’s your major?

I received my associate degree in Business Administration from Gogebic Community College. I’m majoring in Business Administration for International Business here at Finlandia University.

Why did you choose that major?

I chose that major because I have found from my previous work experience that I really enjoy the aspects of being a manager of others and attending to the administrative work that a manager must do. I also have a big passion for traveling and learning about the differences in cultures around the world.

Why did you choose Finlandia?

I chose Finlandia because of the affordability, the scholarships I received, and because they offered a degree in business administration that focuses on international business. I love to travel and see the world and to receive a degree that would give me the opportunity to do what I love, both on a professional level and personal level, seemed like the right choice for me.

What is Finlandia’s Business program like?

The business program at Finlandia is challenging yet satisfying. I have had to work diligently to learn new material, but the teachers do a great job offering their knowledge, insight, and time to make sure everyone is understanding of the material. I find it very rewarding all the knowledge gained so far. It gives me the confidence to know I will be capable and ready for a great job once I finish my time at Finlandia.

What was the transfer process like to transfer over to Finlandia? (Credits, application, etc)

The transfer process over to Finlandia was incredibly simple and easy. From the moment I applied, I was kept in constant contact and helped every step of the way to make sure all my credits transferred and that I received every piece of scholarship I was eligible for.

What are the biggest differences between Finlandia and Gogebic?

The biggest differences I have noticed between Finlandia and Gogebic have been the class sizes and the degrees available. At Gogebic, they were not able to offer me a bachelor’s in business administration. Most of the classes I have attended at Finlandia have been smaller compared to Gogebic as well.

Do you play any sports/are you in any clubs?

I do not play any sports at Finlandia University. I did participate in basketball, football, and swimming when I was in high school. I am a part of Business Professionals of America, BPA, here at Finlandia.

What do you plan on doing once you graduate?

When I graduate from Finlandia, I plan on getting a good-paying job in international business to support my family. I’m hoping this job can be in this area since now I have a son and I would love to have him grow up in such a great community.

What has your experience been like this year with COVID in comparison to other college years?

My experience this year with COVID going on is that college has been more convenient for me than in the past. During this pandemic, it has been convenient to be able to attend class from home and yet still receive a quality education. When I do attend class in person, it has been easier to get individual time with the professor, if needed, because class sizes have been reduced.

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