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Meet Jordan, Finlandia Business Student

February 1, 2015


Meet Jordan

Hometown: Ishpeming, Michigan

Class: Freshman

Major: Business

The Entrepreneural Spirit


For Jordan, Finlandia offered the perfect mix of everything he needed: A place to grow his entrepreneurial spirit, while continuing to play the game he loves. Plus, he’s less than two hours from home, meaning visiting his family, or making a quick trip to the hunting camp, are options whenever he wants to.

In his first semester, he realized the Finlandia experience was something special. He spread the word, and this semester, his brother joined him.

“Me and my brother are looking at opening a gym once we graduate, so I switched to business.”

Finlandia’s International School of Business offers an incredible focus on entrepreneurship, including a one-of-a-kind student-ran business called Fuel Studio.

Following a Passion as a business student

The academic experience has been a positive one for Jordan, but it’s only part of the experience of what has made Finlandia memorable so far. He’s also proud to be part of Finlandia’s new football program.

“[Playing football] was always a dream after graduating. With the coaching staff we have, and how they make me feel being here, I’m really excited about it.”

The uniqueness of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula has also allowed Jordan to bring back an old passion of his, snowboarding. There are a half dozen ski hills within two hours of Finlandia, including Mont Ripley, which is only five minutes from campus, and Mount Bohemia, the most intense hill in the entire Midwest.

Whether it’s the small, helpful campus, beautiful area, uniquely focused academic experience or the ability to do what he loves while getting his education, at Finlandia University, Jordan found a place Where He Belongs.


Now it’s your turn to find Where You Belong

Finlandia’s Degree Programs

Learn more about the more than two dozen degree programs Finlandia University has to offer its students by clicking on the area of study you’d be interested in below.

Budgeting has never been so easy

Finlandia Four

Finlandia Future

Wish you could predict the cost of your four years at Finlandia? Now you can. Finlandia Four freezes the tuition rate at the time you are accepted for the length of your program.

For example, if tuition is $10,000/semester your freshman year, it will remain the same as you earn your degree (eight continuous semesters for a bachelor’s degree; four with an associate’s degree).

Learn more!

When you decide your future is at Finlandia, we not only provide the support you need to complete your degree on time… we reward you for it! If you enroll as a new full-time student at Finlandia and remain enrolled full-time continuously for seven semesters, you get your last (eighth) semester free!

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