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Graphic Design with Tom Adolphs

February 21, 2020

At FinnU a degree in graphic design is becoming more and more popular. On this episode of Finlandia Fridays host, Olivia Myers is joined by graphic design professor, Tom Adolphs. The pair talk about the graphic design program, the updated graphics lab, scholarships and more.

“I like to think that they enjoy the atmosphere we’ve built, we have done a lot of renovation in the last three years with the graphic design space,” said Adolphs. “I try to be as accommodating as possible, at the same time being rigorous.”

The graphic design program allows students to learn how to solve visual communication problems with a creative, targeted, design process. Students also have the opportunity to work one on one with faculty to focus on areas of study they are interested in, while still gaining overall knowledge. The real-world experience that Adolphs brings to his classroom, as well as having his students focus on artists they enjoy, prepares them for their jobs right out of college.

“It is essential to me that they are able to get jobs as soon as they get out of the program,” said Adolphs. “Myself, my colleague, and the whole school try to tailor it to their interests. We have a board where we update what jobs exist within the field.

There are jobs for somebody who wants to work with traditional print media, or someone that is more into animation, like After Effects, somebody who likes app prototyping, web-based, so there are avenues that are small enough that they can follow their path.”

Before wrapping up this episode, Myers and Adolphs touch on the Brule Art Scholarship. The Brule Art Scholarship is a $20,000 competitive art scholarship open to all incoming art students. The scholarship is awarded to the winning student over their four years at Finlandia. Students who are interested in applying for the scholarship should fill out the application and be at the mandatory portfolio review day on May 9, 2020.

For more information about the graphic design or Brule Art Scholarship head to finlandia.edu/art.



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