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Finlandia Fridays discusses MLK Day of Service with René Johnson

January 13, 2017

This week on Finlandia Fridays host Michael H. Babcock speaks with René Johnson highlighting Finlandia University’s community involvement on MLK Day of Service (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day). She briefly touches on the history of the holiday and how it came to be as well as Finlandia’s service throughout the day.

Rene Johnson FinnUFinlandia University offers numerous service activities during the day including a worship service, guest speakers, dining services, and a closing film. Finlandia students also offer their time within the community at a number of service sites. Recognizing a day of service is something that has become an ongoing tradition at Finlandia, year after year Finlandia strives to aid in the local community by encouraging the students to go out and give their day to servicing those in need.

The service on Sunday night will be a highlight event lead by campus pastor Soren Schmidt. This worship service is preformed around the country and is entitled “The Prayer for the Nations.” This service involves candle lighting and recognizing every nation in the world by raising them up through prayer with a beautiful musical accompaniment.

Curious to learn more and catch some live look ins during the events? Be sure to follow “FinlandiaU” on Snapchat to catch a glimpse at the work our students put in on MLK Day. The account will be visiting nearly all service sights and will give the viewer an idea of the magnitude of service provided by Finlandia University.


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