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Thinking about a career in law? Consider Finlandia’s Suomi College of Arts & Sciences

November 1, 2016

Recent data from The University of Michigan School of Law points to the benefits offered to students in Finlandia University’s Suomi College of Arts & Sciences looking for undergraduate programs to prepare for law school. The data shows that humanities programs such as History, English and Philosophy, as well as Sciences and Social Sciences programs offer a clear path for students to gain admission to law school and succeed once there.  

Undergraduate programs to prepare for law school

Distribution of Undergrad Majors in the 2016 Student Body at UM School of Law

Students in these programs at Finlandia’s Suomi College of Arts and Sciences learn:

  • close reading of texts
  • detailed analysis
  • logical reasoning
  • effective argumentation
  • excellent writing skills
  • research skills

These are the skills that lawyers and law students need.

According to The University of Michigan School of Law:

There is no particular major or curriculum that is required for admissions success in law school, and we find that a student body with backgrounds in a variety of disciplines adds depth and breadth to the classroom dialogue. As a result, an entering class at Michigan Law typically includes 55 or 60 different majors. The majors perennially most common in our entering classes are political science, history, economics, English, and Philosophy; some atpyical majors we think provide particularly good training for law school are computer science, mathematics, engineering and hard sciences…  Classes that give you experience with close reading of texts, detailed analysis, logical reasoning, and extensive writing are always helpful.

More information on undergraduate programs to prepare for law school can be found on the U of M School of Law admissions Frequently Asked Questions.

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