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Bachelor of Art in Philosophy

Students majoring in philosophy develop critical thinking skills that are essential in all aspects of their personal, political, and professional lives.

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As people, we often have this burden of irony where we aren’t allowed to care about things we really care about. We aren’t allowed to think deeply because it’s “silly.” But, there’s no irony in Finlandia’s philosophy classes. Instead, they are a space where you can really dive into the ideas you already have. The whole goal of Finlandia’s Philosophy program is to draw those ideas out of you and help you determine the meaning behind them.


The Philosophy major is designed specifically to respond to the university’s attempt to educate the whole person and foster intellectual growth. As such, it is flexible enough to provide a sufficient training for those who choose to pursue a career directly after college as well as to those who wish to pursue graduate education in philosophy. Potential graduate students and those who do not anticipate going to graduate school will be trained in how to read difficult philosophical texts, formulate logically sound arguments, and write persuasive papers on philosophical topics. All philosophy majors will gain a wide grounding in the history of philosophy, knowledge of contemporary philosophically pressing issues, and an understanding of not only how arguments work but how to think critically themselves. Philosophy majors go on to be lawyers, professors, systems analysts, MBAs, and more.


“A philosophy education at Finlandia can prepare students for their future careers and at the same time help students develop their own worldview. I’m so happy when students come to my office and send me emails to discuss different readings and ideas that have inspired them. We are a small institution on purpose: a major goal of each professor is to give one-on-one attention to students as they need it. I love that about my job here: I want to help students flourish in my classroom, at Finlandia, and in their lives.”

Patricia Grosse


Finlandia’s Philosophy program provides students with the proper curriculum to prepare them for graduate school, if they wish to attend. The courses are designed specifically to ensure that students are understanding the philosophical concepts that will be needed later down the line for graduate school. You can expect to take unique courses such as Existentialism, Philosophy of Sex and Gender, and Biomedical Ethics.

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Dan Weldon, Sociology ('17)
J.P. Morgan Manager and Recent Grad, Dan Weldon (’17), Makes a Case for Liberal Arts

February 06, 2019

Dan Weldon (‘17) is an ambitious man. As a Regulatory Controls Manager at J.P. Morgan in Chicago, he is showing that a degree in sociology can be beneficial in the business world.

Weldon, originally from northern Chicago, transferred to Finlandia University after spending two years majoring in business at the University of Pittsburgh.

“I started off my undergrad feeling influenced to major in business, but I didn’t like it,” said […] Read More

The love of wisdom discussed with Dr. Patricia Grosse on Finlandia Fridays

September 21, 2018

This week Finlandia Fridays turns into Faculty Fridays as Assistant Professor in Philosophy Dr. Patricia Grosse was on set to answer the question – what is philosophy? Dr. Grosse talked about that and a lot more in this week’s episode, starting with what the word literally means. Philosophy is the love of wisdom.

“If you love wisdom, you love philosophy, you should take my classes,” she said to start the episode.

In a world where working in the trades or focusing […] Read More

Introducing Dr. Patricia Grosse, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

August 02, 2018

Finlandia University is happy to welcome new philosophy professor Dr. Patricia Grosse to its family.

Grosse, who moved to Hancock from Philadelphia will be teaching Intro to Philosophy, Ethics, and Philosophy of Sex and Love this coming semester.

“I was excited when I saw the position at Finlandia because it’s a small school in a small town and it seems like the university is incredibly dedicated to educating their students,” said Grosse.

Grosse grew up in Tybee Island, GA […] Read More


  • Creative Insight/Analytical and Critical Thinking: Demonstrate critical thinking skills by showing the ability to analyze and evaluate arguments.
  • Communication/Analytical and Critical Thinking: Formulate a personal worldview that is coherent, reasonable, and defendable.
  • Global Perspective/Creative Insight: Identify the various historical traditions of philosophy and differentiate between them.
  • Creative Insight/Personal Perspective/Global Perspective: Apply knowledge from ethical and philosophical theories to everyday situations.
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking: Compare and contrast philosophies from the past and present.
  • Personal Perspective/Creative Insight: Assess differing philosophical systems according to legitimacy and practicality.



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Patricia Grosse

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