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The call for additional education in the nursing profession

February 14, 2017

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For nearly three million Americans, the nursing profession is a life-supporting trade, both financially for themselves, and for the patients nurses care for. A universal nursing certificate that can provide high job placement across the nation and requires only two years of school is a hard bargain to pass up. Times are changing, however, as education demands for nurses have been increasing over recent years.

Traditionally, hospitals required only a two-year degree in Nursing (RN), but the benefits of achieving a four-year Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) have been noted by the medical community. “There are several pretty large studies over the last 10 years, that were done on the national level, showing an improvement in patient outcomes in hospitals that have higher percentages of BSN nurses,” said Mark Miron, Finlandia University’s RN-BSN Program Director. Miron added that nurses with a BSN see a higher likelihood of being promoted to management positions.

The investment in time, energy, and money in enrolling and completing a BSN program can be deterrents for current RNs, according to a study conducted by Global Quantitative Nursing Research. While these factors can be a concern, many hospitals offer tuition reimbursement programs, which can be a relief for whom that is a difficulty.

“Some of the premiere hospitals in the country, such as University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, now only hire BSN nurses, and that trend is growing,” said Miron. The role of education is certainly changing swiftly in the nursing world, and while there can be some challenges involved in the push for more education, the expanded opportunities for managerial positions and advances in general nursing proficiency can make getting a BSN an attractive option.

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