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There is still time to start FinnU’s online RN-BSN program in August

August 18, 2017

Move forward with your nursing career by enrolling in our RN-BSN program

Working nurses are busy, busy people. Between odd hours, family life and the stresses of working in what’s often a life-and-death occupation, it can be hard to plan for advancing your career through education.

“We know first-hand because we’ve been there,” said Mark Miron, RN-BSN Program Director at Finlandia University. Miron worked as a nurse through earning his BSN and MSN online. “The struggle is real. It’s part of the reason we’re making it as easy as possible for students to come into our program and get started.”

That includes those who are looking to start the online RN-BSN program at the last minute. Finlandia University’s admissions officeis available to help students who are looking to get started throughout the rest of next week and even into the first week of classes.

“We can help students register for online courses in our RN-BSN program up until Friday afternoon of the first week of classes, and we’re more than happy to do that,” said Travis Hanson, Director of Admissions at the university. “Simply call or e-mail us, and we’ll be happy to get the process started.”

Classes begin on Monday, August 28.


Aside from allowing late registrations, Finlandia University also has the simplest pricing structure of any online RN-BSN program. Students pay just $15,000 total. The amount of credits does not matter.

“This makes planning so easy,” Miron said. “We’ve been hearing great feedback from nurses since introducing this structure.”

Not only is the pricing structure simple, but it’s also one of the most affordable options. A price comparison to other universities, including regional and national competitors like Southern New Hampshire University, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and University of Phoenix, can be found at finlandia.edu/rn-bsn.

Finlandia RN-BSN students are also able to take advantage of a unique offering to delay tuition payments until employee reimbursement has been processed. Many employers, including Aspirus, have generous employee reimbursement programs for nurses looking to advance their career by earning a bachelor’s degree.


Many schools have a complicated and expensive process of being accepted, checking to see how many credits are needed, and what the price will be.

At Finlandia we make that both affordable and easy. 

  1. Apply free at finlandia.edu/apply.
  2. Because of the tight timeline to spring registration, it’s likely you will know your acceptance decision within one business day.
  3. After paying the $200 deposit, your advisor will help you register for courses.

The amount of courses you have to take will vary for each student, but the price will not. You will pay no more than $15,000 total (even that $200 deposit is included).

So what are you waiting for? Contact Finlandia University admissions now.

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