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Finlandia nursing program awarded Towsley grant for new HAL simulation mannequin

May 21, 2018


Finlandia University’s nursing program just grew by one.

Not one person. One mannequin.

Thanks to a grant by the Harry A. and Margaret D. Towsley Foundation, FinnU’s nursing program was able to purchase a new state-of-the-art HAL S3000 simulation mannequin for students to practice on.

“Student will be able to practice on a mannequin before they work with patients,” said Johnna Therrian, Associate Professor and Chair of FinnU’s Nursing Program. “Eventually, we’ll have a camera set up so they can record themselves and see what mistakes they made and what they did right. It will help them to figure out where their weaknesses are and build that into a strength.”

The HAL mannequin is the newest on the market, and has the ability to be programmed by instructors to create different scenarios for students to work through. A brochure from Gaumard, the company who created HAL, boasts HAL’s ability to “allow learners to monitor and manage an infinite number of simulated conditions using real tools and medical devices.”

The nursing program already has a simulation mannequin, NOELLE, who is approximately 10 years old. NOELLE is obstetrics oriented and has the ability to give birth to a simulated child mannequin.

Therrian said with both mannequins, students will now have the ability to practice two different scenarios at the same time.

“We hope it will help augment what we’re already doing in the classroom and the student’s clinical experiences,” she said.

In addition to HAL, the Towsley grant also funded a Pyxis medication system trainer.

“A lot of students will see the Pyxis medication administration system in the hospitals and facilities they’ll be working in,” said Therrian. “We plan to use HAL and Pyxis at the same time because students need to know medications, how to give them and what to do. With both technologies, we can set up more advanced scenarios.”

The nursing faculty will undergo training this summer on the HAL mannequin, and Therrian is hopeful they’ll be able to use him starting with the sophomore level assessment class this fall.

“This year will be more a trial run, but by next year we should have it down pat and be able to make more of a plan,” said Therrian. “I think it will be a surprise for students to see what HAL can do.”


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