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Financial Aid, Football and more make the move to Nikander and Mannerheim Halls

February 23, 2021

As the nursing and PTA programs left their former office and classroom spaces in Nikander and Mannerheim Halls to move into the newly renovated Hirvonen College of Health Sciences, many others began taking their spots. Here’s a complete rundown of key campus office moves since the beginning of the semester.

The Financial Aid staff have moved from Old Main into Mannerheim where the former nursing faculty offices were.

The Football offices have also moved from Old Main into Mannerheim in rooms 121-124.

The Seaton Center for Vocation & Career is now located in the former nursing classroom space in Nikander 15 while the new Student Health Clinic is located in Nikander 14A, in the old nursing simulation lab. TRIO Student Support Services have also expanded their space within Nikander Hall in the former PTA lab.

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