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Finlandia business students study abroad in Finland

June 13, 2016
Finlandia Students in Finland

International business major Dean Burggrabe (left), International School of Business Dean Kevin Manninen and marketing major Walker Enstad pose for a photo in Finland at JAMK University in June 2016.

One of the desired learning outcomes for Finlandia University graduates is to develop a global perspective in order to better understand and operate in today’s world. This summer, two International School of Business (ISB) students are doing just that as they study abroad in Finland.

ISB Dean Kevin Manninen recently met with students Dean Burggrabe and Walker Enstad at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Burggrabe enjoying study abroad in Finland

A marketing major, Burggrabe completed his studies at FinnU by spending the spring semester studying at JAMK in the International Business program. He’s continuing by taking one course in the JAMK Summer School Creativity and Communication in Business.

According to Burggrabe, “this has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve studied not only with Finnish students, but with students from around the world. It’s been interesting to experience how these international students bring different perspectives to group projects. On several occasions I was also able to help other students with their English.”

While in Finland, he has also taken advantage of the opportunity to travel to 10 other countries.

“Finnish and other international students seem very open to travelling,” Burggarbe said. “They will use trains, planes and busses with ease and sleeping in student hostels is quite common for them.”

Enstad travels from U.S. to Tanzania to Finland

Enstad, an international business major, came to study in the Creativity and Communication in Business summer program at JAMK direct from a few weeks in Tanzania as part of the Servant Leadership program.

In addition to studying international business and experiencing different cultures, Walker also noted that “Finnish and international students often have huge misconceptions about the United States. I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss these and to separate myth from reality. Also the facilities and housing at JAMK is very good. Overall it’s been a great experience studying with so many students and faculty from around the world.”

Developing a global perspective through Study abroad

Both Burggrabe and Enstad encouraged more students to take advantage of the opportunities Finlandia University offers to experience Finland firsthand, and to learn about business and other subjects in a cross-cultural environment.

Learn more about the International School of Business at finlandia.edu/business, or study abroad opportunities at Finlandia at finlandia.edu/studyabroad.

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