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Brule Art Scholarship announced on Finlandia Fridays

December 16, 2016

Today on the Finlandia Fridays we have some big news!

Finlandia University announces six $20,000 scholarships for students interested in studying art and design. These art scholarships are made available because of the generous support Finlandia University has received from Elsa and David Brule. To help make this announcement, this week’s guest is Denise Vandeville. Vandeville is the Dean of FinnU’s International School of Art & Design.

“The Brules have been huge supporters of the arts, and friends of the university for years,” Vandeville said. “We’re very grateful for their support and the art scholarships available because of them.”

The commitment for the scholarship is to offer two scholarships each year, for three years.

Iron Mountain / Kingsford Area Art Scholarship

One $20,000 scholarship will be for a student that’s part of the Association for Student Artists in the Iron Mountain-Kingsford area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Students will need to be accepted to the university, apply for the scholarship, produce a portfolio for review and attend the association’s final event in April where the announcement will be made. An application will be made available in early 2017.

Art Scholarship for Any Student

The other $20,000 art and design scholarship will be for any student interested in studying art and design at Finlandia University. To earn this scholarship a student will need to be accepted to the university, apply for the scholarship, produce a portfolio for review and attend FinnU’s portfolio review day on Saturday, May 6, 2017. Additional information on this scholarship, including an application being made available, will be released in early 2017.

College Scholarships at FinnU

Finlandia University offers a wide variety of scholarships for students, including merit-based scholarships. A full list of scholarships, including all art scholarships, at Finlandia University can be found at finlandia.edu/scholarships.

Soup-A-Bowl Event

The Brule’s have also been a key contributor to the International School of Art & Design’s Soup-A-Bowl fundraising event. For years, they’ve matched funds raised at the event. The funds raised at Soup-A-Bowl, as explained by Vandeville in this week’s episode, have been crucial in allowing the university to continue to upgrade the tools available to student in the university’s ceramics department. The event is organized by Ceramics Professor Kenyon Hansen who, like Vandeville, is a graduate of the university.


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