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Alumni Spotlight: Terrance Fuller (’19) Talks Career Success at Acrisure

September 29, 2020

Terrance Fuller is a 2019 graduate in accounting who currently works as a Senior Accountant for Acrisure , a Grand Rapids-based insurance brokerage firm that is the fastest growing in its industry. Fuller was recently interviewed by senior accounting major Ethan St. Germain.  Fuller shared some thoughts on the accounting program and he also gave advice for our current students.

St. Germain:  Where are you currently working and what is your position?

Fuller:  I’m living in Grand Rapids and working for Acrisure, an insurance brokerage firm. The accounts I handle are insurance firms. My duties include accounts receivables, making sure payments are received and posted to the correct accounts, and general account management.

St. Germain: What was the most beneficial thing about earning your BBA in Accounting at Finlandia University?

Fuller: Throughout all of my courses, Professor Laura (Sieders) shared realistic examples from her own experiences. She shared real world problems that had to be analyzed and solved based on what we learned in class. In college you read textbooks and do all kinds of assignments, but there is often no concrete experience or realistic problems presented for you to figure out.  That wasn’t the case. In a small university like Finlandia you get to have more time with a professor.

St. Germain: What advice would you give to a senior student, like myself, who will soon be graduating and entering the workforce?

Fuller: Get your name out there with resumes. I first started looking for employment with Professor Laura’s help. She told me the worst a potential employer can say is no. If you don’t have 100% of the qualifications they are seeking, make them tell you that. Don’t doubt yourself. Give it a shot even if it isn’t an entry level position. Put yourself out there!

St. Germain: Any suggestions for upcoming graduates on skills or qualities they should improve on?

Fuller: Communication in a professional environment with peers and coworkers is important and can develop over time. Learn to be comfortable with talking to supervisors and confident with what you are doing. People are nervous and timid going into a position and just need to have confidence that they are a valuable member of the organization. Have the ambition to progress in your career and move up as quickly as you can.  Also, I would advise students to get an internship and experience because getting into the workforce and developing within a work environment is more effective than only being in the classroom. Get experience and see the whole picture before graduation to gain more insight and what real life is like rather than just from a textbook.

Ethan: Anything you would like to add in closing? 

Terrance: Find your ambition and a goal to look forward to everyday. Finlandia offered me first and foremost an education.  Although I played basketball for a few years, I learned more about life and became really prepared for my future through academics.

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