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March 16, 2022

Curling StudentsTired of missing events like Ping Pong and Pizza, Curling in Calumet, or trips to the Humane Society for National Puppy Day? Subscribing to FinnU’s Campus Event Calendar is now easier than ever!

Once subscribed, our calendar becomes your calendar and it automatically updates too! You’ll be able to see what’s coming down the pipeline and keep up-to-date with any last-minute changes. Also included is our Academic Calendar, so you’ll never miss an Add/Drop Deadline or be late for class registration again! Unsubscribe at any time with just a click of a button!

How to Subscribe:

  • Visit finlandia.edu/events
  • Scroll below the calendar, click “Subscribe to calendar” and choose your preferred option. Please note that only the Google Calendar and iCalendar subscriptions will automatically update within your own calendar, .ics files will not.
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