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Ryan Bain’s internship highlighted in LVD newsletter

June 12, 2017

For many students, summer is just as important of a time of learning as the school year is. That includes sophomore Ryan Bain, who is completing an internship at Lac Vieux Desert Health Center Chiropractic. Below is an article that was posted in Wiindamaagewin, Lac View Desert’s bi-monthly eNewsletter. It has been reposted with permission from LVD Tribal Communications.

Meet Ryan Bain, LVD Health Center Intern and College Student

Ryan Bain is the first one to admit he didn’t always take his high school career so serious. In fact, he says some of the challenges he faced in high school and as a new college student was the result of his own outlook. What were once challenges are now the fuel that drives Ryan to give 100 percent and more, in everything he does.

Ryan Bain Finlandia UniversityBain is the new Lac Vieux Desert Health Center Chiropractic Intern studying under Dr. Draeger. His duties and responsibilities include greeting and ushering patients to and from their appointments, cleaning the exam room, observing both Dr. Draeger and Andi Lorti (physical therapist) and helping wherever he can.

The Finlandia University sophomore has transformed his outlook on life and his career in a remarkably short period of time.

“In high school, I didn’t always use my time wisely and didn’t take my education seriously,” says Bain, who is currently pursuing a double major in the university’s physical therapy assistant and healthcare management programs.

Along with his studies, Bain also plays on the Finlandia Universtiy Lions men’s basketball team as a point guard.

He was inspired to get into the health care field in part by his own visit to the LVD chiropractor after suffering from a sore elbow.

“I knew I always wanted to go into the medical field,” said Bain. “I went to the chiropractor here (LVD Health Center) and when I met him, I told him my elbow was hurting, and when I shook his hand and all of sudden he surprised – me he just pulled my arm. It cracked and it immediately felt better. It was just that joy made me feel good.”

Another attractive aspect of being a chiropractor that appeals to Bain is the natural healing that accompanies it.

“The holistic healing without medication is what I like about it. Just helping people is a good feeling,” said Bain.

After finishing at Finlandia, Bain plans on furthering his chiropractic pursuits through enrolling at a yet-to-be-determined school somewhere in Michigan.

Bain says he appreciates the opportunities afforded him and looks to capitalize on them through diligence and determination. He attributes much of his recent accomplishments to his father, who he says was a positive influence on his life.

Although he’s only been at the LVD Health Center for three weeks, he says his experience has been nothing short of great. The level of professionalism at the health center is something he looks to emulate and build on.

“The biggest thing for me right now is how professional everyone is here. Just the environment makes me want to elevate my own attitude. That and everyone is nice. Just being around the people here makes me a better person and that’s the thing I’ll take away most from here,” shared Bain.

Bain wants people, especially young people, to know that it’s ok to be respectful and to have manners.

“I was always taught to say please and thank you, and to be a gentleman,” Bain adds.

If it’s one thing he hopes people can take away from him is his affection and fondness for the LVD community.

“When people say ‘oh you’re from a small town, you won’t do anything,’ or just being from a small school doesn’t have to stop you,” says Bain. “I enjoy being from a small town and going to a small school – it’s cool being close to everyone; knowing everyone; being able to joke with everyone including the teachers is a good thing. I look at it as an opportunity to do big things; to make everyone you know proud.”

It’s safe to say Bain has come a long way from where he was just a few short years ago. His growth and maturity were recognized when he recently received a TRIO Award at Finlandia for the most improved grade point average.

“If I could tell young people one thing I would say ‘don’t quit.’ You’re going to want to. It’s going to get tough – in everything you do. Just keep grinding, stick with it. There will be adversity but it will get better regardless of how many setbacks you have.”

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