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Relive #FinnUSpringBreak Snapchat Takeover

March 6, 2017

Finlandia University students escaped the blowing snow of the Upper Peninsula this past week on spring break and invited you to tag along. Through efforts of the Marketing and Communications department at Finlandia, nine students were selected to take over the university’s Snapchat account to show viewers what unique things they were up to during break.

FinlandiaU's Snapchat Code

To add FinlandiaU on Snapchat open the Snapchat app, swipe down on the home screen and tap “Add Friends.” From there simply enter FinlandiaU and hit add or simply scan this code on the app itself.


“Finlandia’s Snapchat Spring Break” started in Chicago, Illinois with a group of art students attending the Self-Employment in the Arts Conference. During this time the viewers could explore live works of art and even catch a drum circle as they day culminated.

FinlandiaU also revisited Chicago later on during break with Alec Rounds. Rounds took to a vlog style approach while visiting the bean and taking in a Chicago Blackhawks game.


Following Chicago, Finlandia’s Snapchat account (FinlandiaU)  quickly hopped a plane and landed in Pittsburgh for the NHL Stadium Series. Student Daniel Spencer took us through his day as 1 of 67,318 in attendance as the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Philadelphia Flyers in an outdoor game at Heinz Field.


After the adrenaline filled day in Pittsburgh, FinlandiaU relaxed outdoors in Nashville, Tennesse with Sara Martin. Martin then ventured over to the Nashville Zoo to take a peek at some lions, Riku F. Lion was nowhere to be found.

Atlantic Ocean

FinlandiaU quickly then found itself lost at sea with Devin Smith and Matt Young. Who knew in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean there was so much to do? Smith and Young enjoyed much more than just the view of the water as they took in a five-star meal, were a part of a game show, and even hit the links for a round of mini golf.


Both the men’s baseball and women’s softball team took over the account for a day and gave FinlandiaU followers a live look in of what it is like to be a ball player at Finlandia University. Headmanned by Joey Krug and Makenna Lloyd viewers were able to be a part of pregame speeches and even a home run or two.

New York City

Cody Wickstrom and Theresa Wolf spent the day in the Big Apple taking in the sights and sounds of the big city. Throughout the day FinlandiaU followers got a live look at historical landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Grand Central Station.

The journey to Finlandia University

FinlandiaU’s last stop on its journey was a travel day with Katelyn Anderson and Emma Nelson. The two students traveled nearly all day by car and plane. Starting in Florida and culminating back at Finlandia University for a total travel time of over 17 hours.

Photos of #FinnUSpringBreak


IMG_8616 IMG_8621IMG_8614IMG_8615

Full video of #FinnUSpringBreak

Missed a takeover? Take a look at our YouTube page to find all previous installments.

Want to take over FinlandiaU’s Snapchat? Please address all inquiries to Walker Enstad at wsenstad@finlandia.edu.

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