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The nursing job search with Alison Patchel

March 16, 2018

Soon-to-be nursing graduate Alison Patchel visited Finlandia Fridays this week to talk about her experience at Finlandia, as well as her plans for the future. Patchel is originally from Marysville, a town in the Southeastern part of Michigan. She loves living in the Copper Country because of her love for the outdoors, and said the best time to be in the Copper Country is the summer, when so many students unfortunately decide to go home.Alison Patchel

Patchel started at a different university, where she graduated with a degree in medical lab science, but decided she would rather work with people instead of machines, which lead her to nursing. Being able to help people, despite the cliché, is Patchel’s favorite part of the job.

Job search made easier with BSN

With graduation just around the corner, Patchel has been job searching and recently accepted a position in Traverse City, exactly where she was looking to end up post graduation. Patchel mentioned that having a four-year degree versus a two-year degree was beneficial to her receiving the job prior to receiving her license. With the two-year degree, Patchel most likely would have have to been already graduated and licensed to receive the job. Instead she is able to start her new gig at Munson Medical Center immediately after graduation.

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