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Bourdage hired as assistant professor of communication

August 30, 2016

Monique Bourdage Finlandia University

Finlandia University’s Suomi College of Arts & Sciences has hired Dr. Monique Bourdage as Assistant Professor of Communication.

Bourdage received her Ph.D. from the Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan. She will be teaching a variety of communication and media courses at FinnU beginning during the Fall 2016 semester.

“Media is something we engage with every day, and we often do it without thinking about what some of the underlying messages are,” Bourdage said. “I will work with students to develop critical thinking skills to help them navigate the media landscape more consciously. I will help them understand how industrial practices, production techniques, and audience characteristics influence the ways in which we all make meaning through and with media content.”

She earned her doctorate after producing a dissertation titled “Beyond the Centerfold: Technology, Culture, and Masculinity in Playboy’s Multimedia Empire,” and is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan’s Department of Women’s Studies.

Prior to attending the University of Michigan, Bourdage earned a Master of Social Science from the University of Colorado Denver, a Bachelor of Arts from Metropolitan State University of Denver and an Associate’s Degree from Seattle Central Community College. She has more than five years of experience as an instructor, including designing and teaching Youth, Media, and Culture and Audible Culture: Sound in U.S. Media and Society at U of M. During her time at Michigan she received more than a dozen grants and scholarships and was awarded fellowships through both the Rackham Graduate School and the Institute for Research on Women and Gender.

Outside of the classroom, Bourdage is a published author and has presented at over a dozen peer-reviewed conferences nationally and internationally. She is also the founder of Girls Rock Denver, a non-profit rock ‘n’ roll camp for girls and gender non-conforming youth in Denver.

The opportunity at Finlandia is an exciting one for Bourdage.

“I know a lot of people say this, but I am so excited to work with students in a small-classroom setting at Finlandia,” Bourdage said. “When I was at U of M there were 40-75 students (in classes), and anytime I had smaller classes I enjoyed them more. It provides the opportunity to get to know students, to make more time for students to talk through papers and assignments.”

Bourdage can be reached at monique.bourdage@finlandia.edu.

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