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Marketing major Kyle Niemi and his internship with Mesensei mobile mentoring

March 2, 2018

Senior marketing major Kyle Niemi stopped by Finlandia Fridays this week to discuss his internship with Finnish mobile mentoring company Mesensei. Tuukka Ylälahti, the creator of Mesensei, was in an earlier episode this season, where he previewed the app and his inspiration behind it.

Mesensei at Finlandia

Niemi has been granted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Mesensei and create a mentoring app specifically for FinnU. Niemi is the project coordinator for this endeavor. “Mesensei is currently in their research phase, or test pilot phase, to test the appeal for a mobile mentoring app in America,” mentioned Niemi. In his role as project coordinator, Niemi has weekly Skype meetings with Ylälahti and the Mesensei team and collects data from the app.

The Finlandia version of the app has been used on campus for the past couple months, and so far has seen positive feedback according to Niemi. “The controls are pretty basic for a mobile app,”said Niemi “you can send quick, text-like messages and call, while also being able to view mentor profiles to help link students to the best mentor.”

If anyone is interested in being involved with the project, they can contact either International School of Business Dean Kevin Manninen or Niemi for more information. The app is available to download on both Google Play and the Apple App store.

Contact Info:

  • Kevin Manninen: kevin.manninen@finlandia.edu
  • Kyle Niemi: kniemi@finlandia.edu

FinnU Mentoring App

Niemi is originally from Hancock and is one of the Hancock award students. The program has been beneficial in helping make Finlandia more affordable, while also allowing Niemi to stay close to home. As a business major, Niemi has had a variety of opportunities available to him, one of them being the chance to study abroad. Niemi participated in the JAMK summer program, which takes place in Finland every year. Along with study abroad, Niemi has been active in the new student group, Business Professionals of America (BPA), who recently hosted BPA day, bringing a variety of local businessmen on campus to talk about their experiences in the business world.


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