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Logan Moore talks leadership, community and sisu on Finlandia Fridays

October 27, 2017

This week Finlandia Fridays is visited by the Student Senate Campus Community Representative Logan Moore. Moore is originally from Traverse City, Michigan, and is in his junior year working towards a degree in business and management. Informing listeners of how he ended up at FinnU, Moore said “I originally went to a much larger college and it didn’t work out there. I decided to move to Finlandia University and immediately right when I got there, the small class sizes were just phenomenal.” Finlandia’s class size averages to 11 students. The smaller class sizes have really helped Moore, as he says “the way I learn is through personal relationships with people, and in a giant lecture hall I can’t learn. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work for me.” Moore states that he loves being able to interact with professors one on one, to share in their experiences and knowledge.Logan Moore

The small class sizes at Finlandia help to highlight the students who are interested in taking initiative, on and around campus, which happened to Moore, landing him the job of Campus Community Representative with Student Senate and President of the new Business Professionals of America chapter. Moore says that after his first year on campus he had a lot of free time, so this year he “wanted to give back to Finlandia,” specifically as a leader. Receiving messages from two faculty members about potential leadership opportunities, Logan decided to “jump on top of it,” and applied for both opportunities.

Leadership is something Logan has always been drawn to, especially being an Eagle Scout.  Moore recounts a time when he was younger, stating “When I was really really young, just first grade, my dad had me in cub scouts. He had me grab the family dictionary, so I went and got the dictionary. Then he said ‘I want you to look up a certain word.’ So I’m flipping through the pages and he says ‘I want you to look up the word quit,’ and I pulled up the page that ‘quit’ was supposed to be on, and he literally had cut the work ‘quit’ out of my dictionary. And he looked me straight in the eye and said ‘Logan, quit is not in your dictionary.’ And from that day on, I kind of had a certain moral standing of when I start something I am going to finish it, and I’ve had that with me ever since.”

Logan has really jumped into his role as Campus Community Representative as Student Senate has two events coming up, one being Make A Difference Day. Moore mentions that several events will be going on around the community, particularly at Salvation Army, which needs the most amount of people. Outside of the Salvation Army, students are able to help clean up the local parks and to “make a difference” as Moore puts it. For more information on Make A Difference Day, check out Finlandia’s Facebook page, as well as the Student Senate Facebook page.

Another event that will be hosted by Student Senate in the near future is the student forum. The student forum is an annual event where students are allowed to come and address what they believe can be improved on campus, so Student Senate can “better represent the people.” As Moore says “without voices, we can’t make change.” The forum is expected to be hosted in November, keep checking finlandia.edu for more updates.


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