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Lion AroundLion Around is a student hosted podcast that discusses all things college and more. Each episode will find the student hosts in a different spot on Finlandia University’s campus to ruminate about their chosen topic. Episodes will be available to stream every couple weeks. Subscribe to Lion Around on your favorite podcast app or website to catch every episode.


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Episodes of Lion Around

  • Lion Around with Lion Pride President Blue Kenwood

    This week’s Lion Around brings you your new host Anastazia Hartman. Hartman is joined by Blue Kenwood a Junior Art and Design student focused on Intermedia, who is also Resident Assistant here at FinnU, to talk about a group on campus called Lion Pride.

    Kenwood is the president of Lion Pride, which started one year ago after Campus Read author Lindsay King Miller came to FinnU to speak about her book, “Ask a Queer Chick; a Guide to [...]

  • Lion Around is Back for Season Two

    New Host Julia Nordstrom suggests places to explore in the Keweenaw

    With a start of the 2019-2020 school year, Finlandia University is starting a new season of Lion Around, a student-run podcast.

    This semester Lion Around will be hosted by junior Julia Nordstrom. Nordstrom is a majoring in marketing. On this week’s episode we are joined by Anastazia Hartman. Hartman is the new social and digital media specialist in the Communications Department at FinnU.

    How many people ask “What is there to [...]

  • Crying Around; Lion Around’s Senior Send Off

    Gina Geliche and Monica Freeman celebrating their senior send off

    Back from their hiatus, Lion Around hosts Gina Geliche and Monica Freeman are finishing off their year with the send-off episode. Recorded where graduation takes place, the Paavo Nurmi Center, Freeman and Geliche recall what they have learned throughout their collegiate career.

    Experience is the best teacher

    One of the first points that Freeman and Geliche make, they knew prior to their time at FinnU.  However, Freeman stated that through her experiences in college, the idea [...]

  • Six Tips for Crushing it on LinkedIn by Lion Around Podcast

    Lion Around logo

    Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche are back this week with a new episode of Lion Around. Recording on the Finlandia Fridays set, the co-hosts are joined by Haley Makela and Samantha Richards. Makela, a senior marketing major from Atlantic Mine, was featured on the “What Does Your Major Do” episode earlier this semester. Richards is a senior accounting major from Dollar Bay. Geliche, Freeman and Makela will all graduate in the spring, [...]

  • Lion Around Podcast’s Single Pringles Create Dating Profiles

    Lion Around logo

    Most people will admit that dating is hard, and dating in college is even harder, at least for some. Nowadays, dating apps are prevalent in college dating culture. Resident single ladies and hosts Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche decided to see if dating apps were truly worth the hype by creating profiles.

    Freeman starts the podcast off by mentioning how the idea initially came about. After recording the previous episode, Freeman and Geliche were discussing what the next podcast should be [...]

  • Lion Around Asks “What Does Your Major Do?”

    Lion Around studying up on crayon college

    Hosts Gina Geliche and Monica Freeman are asking the serious questions in this week’s episode of Lion Around. Recorded in Maki Library, Geliche and Freeman collected a few guests to see what they think various majors do in their school work. This episode is brought to you by the person who referred to art school as “crayon college.” Geliche stated that she has heard the term before and that people tend to assume that art majors color all day [...]

  • Lion Around rings in new year by facing the last semester “scaries”

    Monica and Gina preparing for the last semester

    Back for their last semester, hosts Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche hit off the first Lion Around of 2019 talking about… well their last semester and what that all entails. Recording in Old Main, where Freeman and Geliche’s Finlandia stories started, the hosts recount their hopes and fears of their last semester.

    Facing her last semester, Freeman stated that many people have asked if she is graduating in the spring, which is typically followed by what her next steps are after [...]

  • That’s a wrap, Lion Around talks Christmas traditions for last 2018 podcast

    Christmas Traditions with Lion Around

    With finals out of the way, senior co-hosts Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche are looking forward to their final semester at Finlandia. Along with their final semester, Freeman and Geliche are excited to be home for the holidays to dive into their favorite Christmas traditions. Unmentioned in the podcast, the duo recorded the episode in the Hoover Center, which used to house the president and his family. Currently, the Hoover Center is where the president’s office is located.

    To start the [...]

  • Stressing over finals? This can help! Finals week survival guide Winter 2018

    Finals are stressful. It’s not a question, or up for debate, they just are. As a university, we are here to help make this hard time of the semester as easy for you as possible. That’s why we’ve put together a little survival guide to help you get through Finals Week, and don’t worry we’ll be sending out reminders about all of these events on the Finlandia Snapchat. Follow along @finlandiau.

    First and foremost, kick off finals week with Late [...]

  • Lion Around’s 2018 college student Christmas gift list

    Lion Around discussing college gift lists


    With the holidays coming up, Lion Around hosts Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche sat down to talk about a serious topic, what to get a college student for Christmas. Recording on the second floor of North Wind Books, Freeman and Geliche discussed the excitement of receiving kitchen utensils as you grow older. With several categories and puns to get through, Freeman and Geliche started with useful cookware/ kitchen items.

    What’s Cooking?

    Freeman first suggests a slow cooker for college [...]

  • Best coffee shops in Copper Country for students

    Lion Around perks- talking about the best coffee shops

    Sitting outside the 5th & Elm Coffee located on campus, Lion Around discussed all the best coffee shops in the Copper Country. Both Monica and Gina are regular-ish coffee drinkers, who believe that coffee is beneficial to keep students functioning during their college careers. Geliche started drinking coffee within the last two to three years, while Freeman picked up the habit her senior year of high school. Due to their caffeine habits, the Lion Around hosts has scoured the Copper [...]

  • Lion Around gets spooked telling ghost stories

    Lion Around sharing ghost stories

    Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche found themselves back in the Jutila Center for this spooky episode of Lion Around. With its history of being a hospital and rumors of ghost stories, the uninhabited floors of Jutila seemed to be the place to conjure up some Halloween magic. Both non-believers in the supernatural, Freeman and Geliche tried to keep the stories as local as possible and would like to thank North Wind Books, Dr. Hilary-Joy Virtanen, and [...]

  • Lion Around gets serious talking about Month of Action

    Lion Around

    Lion Around dropped by the Chapel of St. Matthew this week to talk about a more serious subject – The Month of Action. Chosen for a specific reason, the Chapel of St. Matthew houses the office of the campus pastor, who is a confidential source for students to go to when they need to talk about anything.

    Delving into the nitty gritty, The Month of Action is month-long campaign funded by a grant from the Michigan State Police [...]

  • Lion Around hits home talking about homecoming week

    Lion Around

    *Cue drum roll* — It’s homecoming week! FinnU is bringing homecoming back and there is an all-star lineup of events. This week’s episode was recorded in Old Main, the school’s original building.

    Formerly known as Suomi College, and started in 1896, Old Main used to be the only building on the campus. Freeman and Geliche kicked off the special edition episode by recounting the special times they had at their high school homecomings. Geliche stated that she had a special attachment [...]

  • What’s Burning? Lion Around Podcast Gives College Cooking Tips

    Lion Around

    The Lion Around podcast went back into Finn Hall for its third episode, which focuses on college cooking tips and tricks. Finn Hall (short for Finlandia Hall), is the only residence hall on FinnU’s campus, and it is equipped with community lounges on each floor. Each lounge comes with a microwave, stove top, mini fridge and, sink so students can cook for themselves outside of cafeteria hours or instead of going to the cafeteria.

    Since many students are on their own [...]

  • What’s a Doorwall? Lion Around podcast tests Michigan slang

    Lion Around

    For the second episode of Lion Around, Monica Freeman decided to test a few student’s knowledge with a Michigan slang test. Freeman tested her co-host Gina Geliche, as well as art and design students Denia Bent and Ramona Kuhn. The idea initially came from Freeman watching Youtube videos of actors and actresses sharing slang from their respective countries or states, which made Freeman curious as to what was considered Michigan slang. After some research, and some discussions with fellow Michiganders, [...]

  • Lion Around podcast kicks off new school year

    Lion Around

    With the 2018-2019 school year starting today, Finlandia University has decided to roll out a new podcast called Lion Around, a student-hosted podcast that will find the hosts in different locations around campus for each episode.

    This semester Lion Around will be hosted by seniors Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche. Freeman is majoring in marketing and graphic design and is a member of the volleyball team and Servant Leadership House. Geliche will be graduating in the spring with a degree in [...]