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Helping Neighbors in Need through the Mobile Food Pantry

October 30, 2020

Pastor Sarah Semmler Smith joins Olivia Myers to talk about the Mobile Food Pantry Finlandia is hosting on November 5 and December 3. FinnU is partnering with Feeding America West Michigan and the Portage Health Foundation to distribute over 15,000 pounds of fresh produce, meat and dairy to families facing food scarcity in the region from 2 – 4 p.m.

“These mobile pantries are a need, not just in our area but all over the UP and all over Michigan,” said Semmler Smith. “The food that comes in Mobile Food Pantries is a lot of fresh food. Fruits, vegetables and dairy and meat. These mobile food pantries do a good job of supplementing the regular food pantries such as the one we have here in the Chapel of St. Matthew.” 

The Mobile Food Pantry will be set up by the Chapel of St. Matthew and Old Main. Semmler Smith said those wishing to take food do not need to bring anything with them. It will be set up drive-through style: there will be a brief registration and then volunteers will bring out a box of food.

Semmler Smith is still looking for volunteers for the event in November and December, as well as boxes to help with the distribution. Volunteers can sign up here and boxes can be dropped off in the lower level of the Chapel anytime before noon on November 5. Semmler Smith did say she has a number of volunteers already signed up for Thursdays event, and viewed it as a sign of the Finlandia community’s dedication to service.

“I didn’t have to ask very much [for volunteers],” said Semmler Smith. “I put it out there once, maybe twice. I didn’t have to go begging or knocking on doors. The signups came quickly and from all across the campus and it shows that the Finlandia community is ready and willing and wants to serve our neighborhood. Hunger needs, which were there before the pandemic, are even stronger right now. Especially in this area. It feels good to give back and help in a small way.



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