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Gini Brewer joins International School of Art & Design with a twist

July 20, 2018

Finlandia is thrilled to add alumna, Gini Brewer, in a unique role for both the International School of Art & Design and Admissions team. With her title as ISAD coordinator, Brewer will be bringing together a dedication both to art and student success.

“Gini will be a great addition to our team,” said Collin Saint-Onge, Director of Admissions. “Her expertise and passion for art & design are attributes that she will use to provide our future Finlandia Lions with the best admissions experience possible.”

“With her dual role in the ISAD office and admissions and her art background, it will allow us to better connect to current and prospective students,” said Denise Vandeville, Dean of the International School of Art & Design.

In this unique position, Brewer has the opportunity to host this year’s Open House & Portfolio Review. She will not only give them feedback as an artist, but will be able to give them a guided tour and answer any questions they may have about the admissions process at Finlandia.Finlandia International School of Art & Design

As an alumna, Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Finlandia in Fiber & Fashion Design,she said, “It’s great to see these students come in because it reminds me of what I was like at that age. To see that excitement, that beginning spark of what could be, when they walk in the door, and all of the new and exciting things that I know they have coming their way.”  

Art is more than just her job, it’s her life and that passion is what any prospective student can expect from the staff here at Finlandia.

“Making art is not a choice, it’s something I wake up in the morning and have to do. It’s a deeply personal experience, and I think it is for most people who make art. Being able to share that with prospective students and teach them is so special.”

Brewer has taught a Geometry for Art & Design class, during spring semesters on Campus. Her previous experience also includes running her own business doing alterations, custom designs and medically adaptive clothing.

Saint-Onge continued, “We have an excellent art and design program here at Finlandia, and Gini is the perfect representative for not only the International School of Art and Design but for Finlandia University as a whole.”

You can learn more about Finlandia’s school of art and design at finlandia.edu/art. Gini Brewer can be reached at gini.brewer@finlandia.edu.

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