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Gina Geliche and Monica Freeman talk Servant Leadership House and It’s On Us events

November 3, 2017

Finlandia Fridays had its first interview with two guests this season when students Gina Geliche and Monica Freeman stopped by to talk about the Servant Leadership House. The Servant Leadership House is a unique living opportunity for young women on campus. Geliche is in her fourth year in the house, being a member since the inception. Geliche said the experience has been “wonderful, there’s been a lot of involvement with the campus and the community. There’s been a lot of self-education and trying to educate the community about various topics.” Monica Freeman, who is in her second year at the house, added to that saying the unique living experience has allowed her to be “more calm” and “spread her wings and learn to be an adult.”Gina Geliche and Monica Freeman Finlandia Fridays

The house is located on campus. It was only a few years ago when René Johnson had a vision of the house and put it into action. With the help of several students, René’s vision became a reality. Being one of the students that helped in the renovation of the house, Geliche stated that she learned a lot before she moved in, especially in the terms of house maintenance and power tools. Freeman commented on the living environment saying she “loves it.” Her favorite room is the living room because it is a place where “people can gather and it’s just like living with a family.”

The house currently has five women living in it, but it can hold six comfortably. The house members meet with René once a month, outside of that the members meet on a weekly basis to catch up with each other, discuss service projects, eat and play games. The service projects sponsored by the house are ways to raise awareness for social justice topics around campus and the community, or to raise awareness for the house. Past topics have included water conservation, the bee population, homelessness and this year the house partnered with the It’s On Us campaign, to promote sexual assault awareness. The house is hosting two guest speakers, Kelly Tsai and Emily Lindin. Tsai is a spoken word poet and will be speaking on November 9, while Lindin is a director who directed the film The UnSlut Project. Lindin will be here to show her film and facilitate a discussion afterwards on November 14. Both Tsai and Lindin will be treated to dinner by the house before there events.


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