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Finnish student teacher visits from Hei Suomi Program in South Range

May 11, 2018

To top off season two, Finlandia Fridays was visited by Nikki Lishinski and Tuuli Savelainen. Savelainen is participating in the Hei Suomi program. The program brings Finnish teachers into the schools in South Range so the students are able to experience a different culture.Nikki Lishinski andTuuli Savelainen

Savelainen is a Finnish student studying to be a teacher, originally from southern Finland. She studies at the University of Lapland, located five miles away from the Arctic Circle. When asked about the Copper Country, Savelainen said that it is very different, but very similar to what she is used to back home, mentioning that the Keweenaw has similar flora and fauna to Finland, and that the amount of snow was no shock to her.

The students have left a positive impression with Savelainen so far, stating that the students have been good and are eager to learn what Savelainen has to offer. For Savelainen, the program is helping her to fulfill her student teaching hours, mentioning that she needs to do five student teaching sessions. Savelainen commented on the cultural differences between Finnish classrooms and American classrooms, and how certain behaviors here may be seen differently in Finland. Interviewed by the Daily Mining Gazette, Savelainen’s article can be found in the link below.

A third grade teacher for South Range, Nikki Lishinski has been involved with the Hei Suomi program for the past three years. Lishinski stated that “each year it’s been a little bit different, each group of student teachers brings their own personality to the program, but it is something the third graders look forward to.” Savelainen taught for about an hour a day, and Lishinski said the third graders “are little sponges and continually ask questions about Finland.”

That’s a wrap on season two

As season two comes to an end, Finlandia Fridays would like to thank all the guests that have helped make season two a success, as well as creative director and producer Brad Beaudette, who does “all the magic behind the camera.” We also want to thank media intern Monica Freeman for helping tell the story every week, and to 97.7 The Wolf for getting our voice out on the air every Friday morning. Don’t forget to check out the finlandia.edu/fridays to check out more season two episodes, as well as episodes from season one. Finlandia Friday wishes everyone a great summer and we will see you next semester.



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