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FinlandiaU’s Snapchat is going on Spring Break

February 23, 2017

spring break

Finlandia University’s Snapchat is going on spring break via its students. Starting with art students attending the Self Employment in the Arts Conference in Chicago, February 25 and culminating with Katelyn Anderson on March 4 as she makes her way back to the U.P.

FinlandiaU’s travel itinerary is as follows:

  • 2/24/17- Art Students attending the Self Employment in the Arts Conference in Chicago
  • 2/25/17- Daniel Spencer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the NHL Stadium Series
  • 2/26/17- Sara Martin in Nashville, Tennessee
  • 2/27/17- Devin Smith on a cruise in the Atlantic Ocean
  • 2/28/17- Joey Krug in Florida with the Men’s Finlandia Baseball Team
  • 3/1/17- Cody Wickstrom in the Big Apple, New York City
  • 3/2/17- Makenna Lloyd in Florida with the Women’s Softball Team
  • 3/3/17- Alec Rounds in Chicago at a Chicago Blackhawks game
  • 3/4/17- Katelyn Anderson traveling back from Florida to the U.P.

Join us as we travel around the world on spring break with @FinlandiaU on Snapchat.

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To add FinlandiaU on Snapchat open the Snapchat app, swipe down on the home screen and tap “Add Friends.” From there simply enter FinlandiaU and hit add or simply scan this code on the app itself.

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