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Finlandia migrates official Campus Catalog to website

October 3, 2016

The official Campus Catalog for Finlandia University is now located natively on the university’s website. Previously, it existed only as PDF on the website. The 2016-17 catalog and archived versions dating back to 2008-09, are now online and accessible for all at finlandia.edu/academics/campus-catalog.

Finlandia student giving peace sign“Thank you for all of the diligent work done by our faculty and staff to make this happen,” said Fredi de Yampert, VP Academic and Student Affairs at the university. “This is a promising step forward for Finlandia University.”

The campus catalog has traditionally been a print document that came at a high price tag both in development time and printing costs. It will no longer be produced as a print document.

“We looked at how this document was being used, and how we could best support those uses,” Creative Director Brad Beaudette said. “The new version of our campus catalog should be much more useful. It is easier to search through, can be shared quite easily, is readily archived, accessible from anywhere in the world connected to the Internet, can be updated on annual basis more effectively, and still offers the ability to be printed – specifically the progress sheets, which are all available as PDFs.”

The catalog moving to the web is one of many items made possible by the redevelopment of finlandia.edu, which was launched in June of this year. Additional features will continue to be launched over the coming months.

Please note that in order to access the current campus catalog, you need to click on the “Campus Catalog” link located on the left-hand side of any academic page. For quick reference, students and employees are encouraged to bookmark the current year’s catalog.

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