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Campus Ministry launches Snapchat and Instagram accounts

August 23, 2017

Start your new school year by pressing follow on a couple key new social media accounts on campus! Finlandia University Campus Ministry can now be followed on Instagram and Snapchat by following the username FinnUCampusMin.

“I’ve been having a blast running around campus with Snapchat in the two days since we launched this account, and we’re going to have a whole lot more fun throughout this school year,” Campus Pastor Soren Schmidt said. “Join me on there as we go through this journey together!”

Finlandia University also has a general account on Snapchat with the username “FinlandiaU”. That account will be fired back up for the upcoming year over the next week. For a full list of social media accounts at Finlandia University, visit the Subscription Center at finlandia.edu/subscribe.

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