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50th episode celebration with leaders of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes

February 16, 2018

This week Finlandia Fridays celebrated the airing of its 50th episode with leaders of a new group on campus, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Tyler Browner and Jean Pimentel are both active members in the group and came to share their stories of how they ended up at Finlandia and what FCA has done for them. Tyler Browner and Jean Pimentel

Tyler Browner is a transfer student from Detroit, Michigan.  Originally planning to study in FinnU’s Physical Therapist Assistant program, Browner has since switched to a Psychology major. Browner is a member of the men’s basketball team, stating that the experience has been a positive one so far.

Jean Pimentel is also a transfer student, hailing from Orlando, Florida.  Pimentel is a Sports Management major and a member of the Lions baseball team. When transferring into Finlandia, Pimentel stated that he was “looking for a place to call home,” and something in his heart told him that Finlandia was the place.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes was started this year by athletic trainer Angel Nunez. Both Browner and Pimentel were enthusiastic to hear about a group where people were excited and encouraged to share their Christian faith. As Browner said “there are not many people who are Christians and are bold about it, so hearing about the group and being a part of the group is comforting.” The group has been beneficial to both men, both mentioning FCA is where their friendship started.

FCA typically meets every other Sunday, and the meetings usually start with a discussion on a certain aspect of faith, and continues with snacks and games. Browner stated the best part of the meetings is being able to get together and discuss faith, and connecting with other members. Their next meeting will be this Sunday at 3 p.m. in the Paavo Nurmi lounge. FCA can be found on several different social media platforms, which can be checked out below.


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