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Meet the 2018-19 TLC/TRIO Tutors

October 10, 2018

TRIO Tutoring Services is excited to introduce the 2018-19 tutors.

The Tutoring and Learning Center offers all Finlandia students free tutoring for help in many general education courses and some upper level courses. The TLC also offers study skill workshops, study groups, computer literacy development, and the use of a small computer lab. FinnU faculty members utilize the TLC to provide students with study aids such as classroom reserve material, review sheets, and past exams.

The TLC is open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and is located in Nikander 10. Students can sign up for a tutoring session or call (906) 487-7255 with any questions.

Natalie Anderson – Sciences

Hometown: A small town an hour north of Milwaukee, WI

College: I went to the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree. I majored in Biology, minored in General Resource management and worked to get my teacher licensure.

Fun fact: I crochet. My latest project is Christmas stockings.

How you got interested in tutoring:  I taught in Wisconsin for three years and I loved it!  Tutoring is an extension of teaching.  It makes me happy to help people learn and gain the confidence to conquer new material. I think science is pretty great.  It helps you ask, and solve questions about our world.  I think that is pretty neat.

What is a common misconception about tutoring?  Sometimes people come to tutoring thinking it’s a bad thing.  Tutoring hours provide you with time to get your work done in a setting where you have the ability to ask someone who knows, more or less, what is going.  I think tutoring is a pretty great deal.


Robin Lieburn – Psychology, Sociology, English, Business, Accounting

Hometown: Iron Mountain, MI

College: I went to Michigan Technological University and had several majors until I finally settled and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology on the Dean’s List.

Fun fact: I’m in the belly dance troupe with Amanda Rasner!

How you got interested in tutoring: I had been at home with my two kids since they were born. It was amazing to get to practice in real life some of the developmental psychology I had learned in my undergrad with my own kids and help them grow.  So, being a guide for my kids and teaching things like sign language or colors or how to express their feelings has transpired into me helping to guide and tutor undergrads at Finlandia. I love helping people and to be able to help students follow their dreams/passions and gain some good study/work habits is wonderful!

What is a common misconception about tutoring?  Tutoring is amazing and can be a total game changer for your college experience.  It is NOT a place to be given answers or free edits on papers, trust me, you earn your grades. This is more of a place to help you figure things out. It’s a great resource when you’re struggling and you don’t know what to do.


Amanda Rasner – English, Social Sciences, Religion

Hometown: Negaunee, MI

College: Central Michigan University

Fun fact: I was never a Finlandia student, but I did study abroad in Finland!

How you got interested in tutoring: I love working with students and helping them realize their potential and be the best versions of themselves. Words are amazing, especially when they’re combined brilliantly. I believe true wisdom comes in knowing our place in the world, acknowledging our gifts, and using them for the betterment of all creation.

What is a common misconception about tutoring? Tutoring is different from proofreading or editing. It is more like a coaching process, where tutors ask questions, challenge students, and walk with them as they grow and get better grades!

Jennifer Kilpela – Math

Hometown: Howell, MI

College: Michigan Technological University

Fun fact: I enjoy baking and being outdoors.

How you got interested in tutoring: I became interested in tutoring because I enjoying working and interacting with students, as well as finding new ways to explain ideas. There is nothing better than the reward when a student understands a concept or does well on an assignment after working together.

What is a common misconception about tutoring? One thing students often misconcept is that, as a tutor, it is not our goal to teach a concept, but to help students develop a deeper more clearer understanding. I think we are a great link between instruction and homework.


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