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Hoglund Book Collection

In 2009 and 2010, the University of Minnesota's Immigration History Research Center donated a little over five dozen boxes of duplicate books from the personal collection of Professor A. William Hoglund (1926-2008) to the Finnish American Historical Archive.   Professor Hoglund was a major author of works concerning Finnish-Americana, including the landmark Finnish Immigrants in America, 1880-1920, as well as the Union list of Finnish newspapers published by Finns in the United States and Canada, 1876-1985, the Finns In North America bibliography, and many others books and articles.

The donation yielded 665 new individual titles for the Finnish American Historical Archive's book library.  They are broken down and listed below.


- Travelogues
- Finns in the United States and Canada
- Finnish History and Finland
- Photography and Regional Works concerning Finland
- The Immigrant Experience
- Biography
- Literature
- Dramatic Works
- Poetry
- Works Concerning Religion and Philosophy
- Socialist, Communist, and other Leftist and Labor Materials
- Books printed in Finnish in Communist Russia (and Finnish Karelia)
- Folk and Children's Materials
- Cookbooks
- Miscellaneous


Acerbi, Giuseppe (1802) Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, to the North Cape, in the years 1798 and 1799 : Immigrant life : networks, life styles and ethnic mobilization of Finnish immigrants in Sweden. London: Printed for J. Mawman.

Baird, Robert (1841) Visit to northern Europe: or, Sketches descriptive, historical, political and moral, of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, and the free cities of Hamburg and Lubeck, containing notices of the manners and customs, commerce ... arts and sciences ... and religion, of those countries and cities.. New York: J.S. Taylor & Co..

Bayne, Samuel G. (1908) Quicksteps through Scandinavia, with a retreat from Moscow. New York: Harper & Bros..

Blakeston, Oswell (1958) Sun at Midnight. London: Anthony Blond.

Buckley, J.M. (1886) The midnight sun, the tsar and the nihilist : adventures and observations in Norway, Sweden and Russia.. Boston, Mass.: D. Lothrop.

Clarke, Edward Daniel (1823) Travels in various countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. : Part the Third. Scandinavia. Section the Second. London: Printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies, Strand, London, by R. Watts, Crown Court, Temple Bar.

Darwin, Charles (1924) Matka maapallon ympäri. Helsinki, Finland: Krija Matkoja ja seikkailuja [Finnish].

Davis, Robert H. (1934) Bob Davis at large : So. America : Egypt : The Sudan : Africa : Finland : Sweden : Russia : Mexico. New York: D. Appleton-Century.

De Windt, Harry (1910) Finland as it is. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co..

Du Chaillu, Paul B. (1882) The land of the midnight sun : summer and winter journeys through Sweden, Norway, Lapland and northern Finland. New York: Harper & Bros..

Du Chaillu, Paul B. (1899) The land of the long night. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons.

Fodor, Eugene (editor) (1968) Scandinavia 1968 : With illustrations and maps. New York: D. McKay Fodor's modern guides.

Fox, Frank (1926) Finland today : With Sixteen Illustrations From Photographs. London: A. & C. Black.

Franck, Harry A. (1930) A Scandinavian summer; Impressions of five months in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. New York: The Century Co..

Gourlie, Norah (1939) A winter with Finnish Lapps. London: Blackie and Son.

Haggart, Stanley Mills ; Porter, Darwin (1979) Scandinavia on $20 a day : Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland. New York: Arthur Frommer : Distributed by Simon and Schuster.

Hyne, Cutcliffe (1898) Through arctic Lapland. London, U.K.: Adam & Charles Black.

James, John Thomas (1816) Journal of a tour in Germany, Sweden, Russia, Poland, during the years 1813 and 1814.. London: J. Murray.

Kokko, Yrjö (1954) The way of the four winds. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons.

Kokko, Yrjö (1954) The way of the four winds. Kokko's Book About Lapland. 3rd Impression. London: Victor Gollancz Ltd..

Lange, Hannes (1987) The visitor's guide to Finland. Ashbourne, Derbyshire: MPC The Visitor's guide series.

Medill, Robert (1930) Finland and its people. New York: Robert M. McBride & Co..

Murray, John (editor) (1868) Handbook for travellers in Russia, Poland, and Finland.. London: J. Murray.

North, Frederick John  Finland in summer. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: W. Heffer & Sons.

North, George (1946) Description of Swedland, Gotland and Finland : Original edition was published by John Awdely, London, 1561. New York: Scholars' facsimiles & reprints.

Phibbs, Isabelle Mary (1903) The Grand Duchy of Finland. London: T. Fisher Unwin.

Prime, Samuel Irenæus [1873] The Alhambra and the Kremlin : the south and north of Europe. New York: Anson D.F. Randolph.

Ransome, Arthur (1923) "Racundra's" first cruise (sailing on the eastern Baltic). New York:  B.W. Huebsch, Inc..

Rasmussen, Carl C. (1948) What about Scandinavia?. Philadelphia, Penn.: Muhlenberg Press.

Renwick, George (1911) Finland to-day. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons.

Scott, A. MacCallum (1926) Suomi : The land of the Finns.. London: Thornton Butterworth.

Scott, Alexander MacCallum (1908) Through Finland to St. Petersburg.. London: Grant Richards, ltd..

Sutherland, Halliday (1938) Lapland journey. New York: Dodd, Mead and Co..

Taylor, Bayard (1825-1878) (1858) Northern travel: summer and winter pictures of Sweden, Denmark, and Lapland. New York: G.P. Putnam.

Travers, Rosalind (1911) Letters from Finland, August, 1908-March, 1909. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co..

Turen, Teppo ; McCabe, Elizabeth Maddox (1961) The Tuntsa. Chicago, Illi.: H. Regnery Co..

Vincent, Frank, Jr. (1881) Norsk, Lapp, and Finn: Or, Travel Tracings from the Far North of Europe. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons.

Young, Ernest (1912) Finland, the land of a thousand lakes. London, U.K.: Chapman and Hall, Ltd..

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Finns in the United States and Canada

Anderson, Philip J., Dag Blanck and Peter Kivisto, eds. (1995) Scandinavian Immigrants and Education in North America. Chicago: Swedish-American Historical Society.

Bartlow Martin, John (1944) Call it North Country: The Story of Upper Michigan. New York: A.A. Knopf.

Bergendoff, Conrad (1988) The Church of Sweden on the Delaware. Rock Island Illinois: Augustana Historical Society.

Borchert, John R. (1960) A Quarter-Century of Change in the Finland Community of Northeastern Minnesota. Minneapolis Minnesota: University of Minnesota.

Carroll, Francis M. (1987) Crossroads in Time: A History of Carlton County, Minnesota. Cloquet Minnesota: Carlton County Historical Society.

Carroll, Francis M. and Franklin R. Raiter (1990) The Fires of Autumn: The Cloquet-Moose Lake Disaster of 1918. St. Paul Minnesota: Minnesota Historical Society Press.

Centennial History Book Committee (1998) Sebeka : One hundred years, 1898-1998 : Pages of Time. Sebeka Minnesota: Sebeka Centennial History Book Committee.

Crowe, William S. (2002) Lumberjack : inside an era in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Third edition. : [First edition published in 1952, compilation of articles from the Escanaba Daily Press and Manistique Pioneer-Tribune]. Skandia, Mich.: North Country Pub..

Curtis Clay, Jehu (1914) Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware. Chicago: Swedish Historical Society of America.

Dahlgren, Stellan and Hans Norman (1988) The Rise and Fall of New Sweden: Governor Johan Risingh's Journal 1654-1655 in its Historical Context. Stockholm Sweden: Almqvist & Wiksell International Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Acta Bibliothecae R. Universitatis Upsaliensis, [Swedish, English].

Erkkila, Barbara H. (1980) Hammers on Stone: The History of Cape Ann Granite. Woolwich Maine: TBW Books.

Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration for the State of N (1938) The Sweden and Finns in New Jersey. Bayonne, N.J.: WPA. Printed by Jersey Print. Co. American guide series.

Frontiera, Deborah K. (2009) Living on sisu : the 1913 union copper strike tragedy. Houston, Texa.: The ABC's Press.

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Hoerder, Dirk (1985) Finnish American Periodicals: The Newspaper and Serial Holdings of the Immigration History Research Center. Bremen Germany: Unknown.

Hoffecker, Carol E., Richard Waldron, Lorraine E. Williams and Barbara E. Benson (1995) New Sweden in America. Newark New Jersey: University of Delaware Press.

Hoglund, A. William (1975) Finns In North America [bibliography]. Philadelphia, Penn.: The Balch Institute The Balch Institute Historical Reading Lists.

Hoglund, A. William (1967) Muskingum College Student Rebels in the "Jazz Age.". Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Historical Society Ohio History.

Hoglund, A. William (1964) Finnish Immigrant Farmers in New York, 1910-1960. Rock Island Illinois: Augustana College Library.

Hoglund, A. William (compiler) (1985) "Union list of Finnish newspapers published by Finns in the United States and Canada, 1876-1985 ". Minneapolis: United Fund for Finnish American Archives, Suomi College, Immigration History Research Center.

Hoglund, A. William (1960) Finnish immigrants in America, 1880-1920.. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press.

Hoglund, A. William (1993) Paradise rebuilt : Finnish immigrants and their America, 1880-1920.. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms.

Hoglund, A. William (1978) Flight from Industry: Finns and Farming in America. New York Mills, Minn.: Finnish Americana Finnish Americana.

Hulan, Richard H. (1984) From Northern Shore: The Swedish and Finnish Presence in Colonial Maryland : Benjamin Rush and the earliest stages of the temparance movement. Maryland: s.n. [English, Finnish, Swedish].

Hummasti, P. George (1978) The Establishment of the Finnish Settlement in Astoria, Oregon: A Look at Community Development. New York Mills, Minn.: Finnish Americana Finnish Americana.

Karni, Michael G. (1994) The Best of Finnish Americana. Iowa City Iowa: Penfield Press Finnish Americana.

Kero, Reino and Arnold A. Alanen (1991) Migration Traditions from Finland to North America and Companies as Caretakers. Chicago: University of Illinois Press.

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Finnish History and Finland  . 

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