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Youakim introduced as Assistant Professor of Sociology at Finlandia

September 2, 2016

Finlandia University is proud to introduce Dr. Claudia Youakim, a University of Florida graduate, as Assistant Professor of Sociology beginning this semester.

Claudia Youakim Finlandia University“Sociology allows us to deepen our thought process,” said Dr. Youakim. “It’s a subject that allows students to take a look outside of themselves. To examine their surroundings and their relationship to a broader societal context.”

Dr. Youakim earned a PhD in Sociology from the University of Florida with a dissertation titled Racial and Ethnic Identity: Arab Americans in the Chicagoland Area. She has also earned a certification in Women’s Studies from the University of Florida, a master’s degree from DePaul University and bachelor’s degree from Loyola University.

While earning her doctorate, Dr. Youakim specialized in Race and Ethnic Relations in a Global Context. Her professional interests also include immigration and acculturation, intersectionality, social inequality, social theory, methods, and sex and gender.

“Because I specialize in race and ethnic relations, I will help students generate informed conversations about diversity, community relations and campus relations pertaining to issues that are prominent, especially right now, and especially in a more rural area,” Dr. Youakim said. “Those conversations need to be had for our students to fully develop intellectually.”

Classroom conversations in the sociology field are part of the core of Finlandia’s liberal arts-based education model.

“People don’t like to discuss politics and religion, but it shouldn’t be taboo. That’s part of the problem. We should be engaging in conversations on these topics more regularly and critically, as informed persons and community members,” Dr. Youakim said.

Dr. Youakim is teaching Introduction to Sociology, Topics: Race and Ethnic Relations, Research Methods in the Social Sciences and Senior Sociology Capstone this semester. Previously, she has taught upper and lower division courses (Minorities in American Society, Principles of Sociology, Sociology of Women, Theory) in larger and smaller classroom sizes. She also has experience working on institutional research, and will be developing a program for student research and sociology club at Finlandia.

Aside from her academic endeavors, Dr. Youakim enjoys running, watching basketball (the Bulls in particular), baseball (live only), and she has a passion for community service, and the arts.

Dr. Claudia Youakim can be reached at claudia.youakim@finlandia.edu.


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