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Women’s Basketball Brings Home the Championship

March 6, 2020

On this episode of Finlandia Fridays, women’s basketball coach Mariah Dunham swings by the set to fill-in host, Olivia Myers about the recent ACAA Championship win. The two talk about the first title in school history for the women’s basketball team, ACAA honors, and more!

“It was really a testament to the girl’s focus. We went in just kind of being that underdog and the underdog mentality,” said Dunham. “Knowing that we have to go into Saturday’s game first and take care of business there and then go into Sunday’s game knowing we have some confidence.”

The final score from the championship win over UC Santa Cruz was 60-50. With this win, it gives FinnU its first ACAA title history for women’s basketball. The team went 16-11 this season with a12 game win streak.

“We won the most at home with our winning streak and we also broke the most wins in a row for the school record, which was 12.

“It’s pretty exciting and awesome. When you do things like break things up in twos, I even break the game down so into quarters. So the girls don’t focus on the whole game, or in this season, we have to win the whole season. You have the first season which is the start of the season to the January break and then we said from January on we weren’t going to lose.”

On top of a great win, two players earned ACAA recognition. Katie Lundeen was named to the All-ACAA first team, while Carsyn Osterman earned second-team honors and tournament MVP.  Dunham was named the ACAA coach of the year.

“It is a pretty unreal feeling, that is just a testament to the girls believing in me and coming in with a certain mindset that they had to develop and believe in. It’s a testament to them believing in the system and believing in what I was trying to teach them and to my staff.”

Finally, to close out the episode Myers and Dunham touch base on the 3 new recruits that will be joining us on campus this fall and the Pep Rally that will be held at 5 pm on March 10th to celebrate the women’s basketball win! There will be cake, glowsticks, noisemakers and more. Be sure to come out and support the team as they celebrate their accomplishments this season.



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