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Transfer friendly focus discussed with Registrar Jason Sullivan

December 29, 2017

This week Finlandia Fridays was visited by Registrar Jason Sullivan to talk about important moves that will help put Finlandia in a leadership role when it comes to transfer students. President Philip Johnson had this to say about the topic, “Finlandia values the passion, drive and maturity that transfer students offer our campus. In addition to our transfer tuition reset, we are launching a friendlier application process and streamlining our credit transfer process. Blended with up close and personal attention with our admissions and financial aid office, and our engaged faculty advisors, transfer students can be confident that they will finish their degree on time, while minimizing their expenses. We intend to lead as the friendliest transfer college in the country.”

Jason Sullivan

Sullivan thinks the new transfer tuition rates, which put the university at a lower price point than many state schools for transfer students, is going to be a “great move for the university.” Working with transfer students is always a delight for Sullivan, since the students come in with an idea of what it is like to take classes at the college level, and what it means to pursue higher education.

There are three main elements of this new initiative. Pricing, transfer credit processing and a streamlined application process.

The most significant is the new in-state transfer tuition pricing, which is available to all students, regardless of what state they are coming from. This initiative drops the tuition prices to around $500 per credit hour. Eligible students must have at least six transferrable college credit hours to be eligible for the initiative. The initiative is also available to high school students who are participating in duel enrollment with at least six credits from an accredited university or college.

The tuition pricing was setup by looking at prices of state schools across the state of Michigan, and then taking the median price. By doing this, Finlandia has become more affordable than many state schools. The initiative was also put in place to help encourage students who attended the school prior to August 2014 and who received their two-year degrees. Upon readmission, previous students will be available for the transfer initiative.

In addition to the tuition initiative, Sullivan talks about the new hire in his office, Tracy Henderson. Henderson’s role is to help transfer students come in and put together a graduation plan that works for them. In addition to the new hire, FinnU’s ad and a streamlined application process. As always, applying to FinnU is free for all students. Apply today at finlandia.edu/apply.


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