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Three can’t miss Snapchat Takeovers!

March 27, 2017

Finlandia University’s presence on Snapchat has exploded since the fall semester and has even traveled around the globe this spring break. With all the content to take in there is a chance you may have missed a student takeover. Not to fear we have three of the most interesting takeovers here.

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Join Sara Martin and the women’s hockey team as they hit the ice at midnight for their first practice and outline what it’s like to be a student athlete here at Finlandia University.

Not in an athletic mood? Never fear, Laura Kent will take you along for a trip detailing the ins and outs of the Student Nurse’s Association blood drive.

Blood drives make you queasy? Hit a fadeaway from half court with Kayla Hakala and the rest of the Finlandia University Globetrotters aka the women’s basketball team.


FinlandiaU's Snapchat Code

To add FinlandiaU on Snapchat open the Snapchat app, swipe down on the home screen and tap “Add Friends.” From there simply enter FinlandiaU and hit add or simply scan this code on the app itself.

These three stories only scratch the surface of what is available through Finlandia University’s Snapchat. To catch up on every takeover or even join the students on spring break check out the Finlandia’s youtube playlist “Snapchat Takeovers.”


Want to tell your own story on Finlandia’s Snapchat, or preview an upcoming local event? Feel free to inquire about a “Snapchat Takeover.” FinlandiaU has visited numerous sites including local hospitals, sporting events and has even had some ROTC combat training. Finlandia welcomes all students, staff and alumni to join in and takeover the account.

To schedule a takeover contact Media Intern Walker Enstad at WalkerEnstad@gmail.com.

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