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Summer Bridge Program designed to improve academic success

April 28, 2016

Finlandia students at park by Lake Superior

Last week Finlandia University introduced the Summer Bridge Program. This type of program is trending in higher education right now, and it’s clear why: Bridge programs can help ease students’ transition to university life and improve their academic performance and success rates.

According to Susan P. Ackerman, results from a study at the University of California Los Angeles “clearly suggest that these programs can help facilitate their transition and adjustment to university or college life, as well as improve their academic performance and persistence rates.”

The studies examining academic success of bridge participants indicate that students in such support programs tend to perform better than students who did not receive the same type of support, in terms of both retention and GPA (Santa Rita & Bacote).

At Finlandia the program will include a strong curricular component that helps teach students how to participate and succeed in an academic environment. This curricular component includes ENG 103, SOC 101 and UNS 115, seven academic credit hours that students can apply toward their degree.

The programs can also help underrepresented and low-income students adjust to university life and help them feel like members of the campus community. Students will experience study hours, explore FinnU’s plethora of academic programs and live in Finlandia Hall.

Learn more about the Summer Bridge Program at finlandia.edu/summerbridgeprogram.

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