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Stepping into Studio Days with Denise Vandeville

October 13, 2017

Finlandia Fridays was visited this week by Denise Vandeville, Dean of the International School of Art and Design (ISAD), to discuss a new opportunity being offered to high school students called Studio Days. Studio Days allows high school students to come in and “try out” the various art programs offered at Finlandia.

Denise VandevilleStudio Days will coincide with ISAD’s Studio Fridays. “Studio Fridays is based on parts of the Finnish Design Education System,” said Vandeville. “(The goal is) to set up a situation where students will be able to come in and work for long periods of time.” Students participating in Studio Days will arrive on campus early in the afternoon, meet with admissions and financial aid, before they have the chance to get their hands dirty in the studios. Each Studio Days event will focus on a different major with projects being taught by the professor of the specific major. Studio Days will offer courses in ceramic design, fiber and fashion design, graphic design, intermedia studies, and integrated design.

The goal of Studio Days is to help prospective students to learn more about the materials that they will be using to create with. In ceramic design, students will learn how to manipulate and use clay, while in fiber and fashion design students will learn the basics of fiber and how fiber turns into fabric which can be later turned into garments. The graphic design program offers students the ability to use Finlandia’s up to date Mac lab, complete with digital drawing tools and a new 3D printer. Intermedia studies brings studio arts into the 21st century. Students will learn to draw and paint, while also learning to bring what they made with their hands into the digital world and back again. Finally, integrated design integrates the basics of product design with aspects of interior design to create designers who will be active problem solvers.

Studio Days are open to any high school students who are interested in the arts, as well as transfer students who would like to see what Finlandia and ISAD have to offer. For more information, go to finlandia.edu/studiodays.

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