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Alumna looking for assistance to print second volume of independent comic Spidersilk

February 20, 2017

Spidersilk Sticker Designs

Spidersilk Comic looking to print volume 2

Finlandia University alum Pamela Kotila is looking for support for her Kickstarter campaign to print “Spidersilk Comic Volume 2.” The campaign is looking to raise a total of $5,000 by March 9.

Spidersilk DayspringThe first campaign was a success in spring of 2016. “I’m not sure Spidersilk volume 1 would’ve come to print without the wave of support from the local Keweenaw and Finlandia alum community,” Kotila said. “It was the middle of the campaign, I was stressed, and suddenly it was a reality that this would come to print…  it was just incredible. Now I have this comic in print, and having it in stores has allowed Spidersilk to reach a wider audience.”

Kotila, a 2010 FinnU graduate, is a local artist / writer working as a game developer, comic artist and editor. In addition, she is now an adjunct instructor at Finlandia University’s International School of Art & Design, teaching courses like self publishing, and drawing: life and the visual narrative.

Kotila is invested in teaching about comics and digital art. She has does demonstrations, talks and workshops when able. “My advice for anyone who wants to do comics is to just do it,” she said .”That’s where you learn. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t — you draw something, you learn as you go, and your next comic is better for it. Just make comics!”

Spidersilk in production since 2011

Kotila has been doing webcomics for over a decade. She likes the control over her stories that publishing as an independent creator gives her. Spidersilk is an ongoing webcomic, launched in 2011, and is currently in chapter 20. “It’s character-driven fantasy,” Kotila said. “Expect romance, adventure and I’ve been told more than once by readers that it’s funnier than they’d expected it to be. The character cast is diverse, and many are unquestionably queer; I think we need more positive representation of LGBTQ+ characters and their relationships in media. Even the media with armor and dragons. Especially that media.”

After the success of the first Kickstarter project, Kotila began preparing for volume 2. She is using the opportunity to debut new merchandise for Spidersilk as well. New designs were developed for charms, sticker packs, mini-prints, gift bags, book marks and a special item — a fur collar based on the main character’s signature fashion accessory.

“Kickstarter campaigns are a wonderful way to help independent creators release content. Even if comics are not to your liking, you can still support such work by pledging without a reward, supporting at a low reward tier, and sharing the project. Every dollar helps.”

Spidersilk is not for younger readers. Kotila rates it older teen plus, or about 14-16 and up. The second volume will be the same size and length as volume one, containing chapters 10 through 15, retouched and slightly edited for print. A limited run of volume 1 is also available, as well as PDF versions of volume 1, through this campaign.

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