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Rekha Ambardar hosts workshops and publications in summer 2016

September 16, 2016

Associate Professor of Marketing Rekha Ambardar is known around the literary community for the many publications, presentations and workshops she’s hosted. The summer of 2016 was another busy one for her.

Locally, she conducted a fiction writing workshop on pacing in fiction for Copper Country community members at the Portage Lake District Library in June.

Rekha Ambardar teaching class at Portage Lake District Library

Associate Professor of Marketing Rekha Ambardar teaching a class at Portage Lake District Library in the summer of 2016.

Pacing is a tool that controls the speed and rhythm at which the story is told, and the rate at which readers are pulled through the events. It refers to how fast or how slowly events unfold, how much time elapses in a scene or story, and how relevant it is to the final denouement, or unfolding, of a story or novel. Examples of story pacing were examined and exercises demonstrating pacing were conducted at the workshop.

On another note, Ambardar’s article, “The Synchronicity Between Cosmetics Use and Emotions” was published by World and I Journal (available behind paywall) in September in the psychology section of the journal.

Worldandi.com is a multifaceted monthly online publication, as well as a database which presents thought-provoking readings in politics, science, culture and more in sections on current issues, life, book world, the arts, natural science, culture, modern thought, and civil war. Started in 1986 as a print magazine in Washington D.C., worldandi.com has accumulated a wealth of timeless articles written by scholars and experts — all of which are now available on its online database.

Rekha’s murder mystery, “A Process of Elimination,” was published by the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine in its summer issue.



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