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Photos: Closing reception for Dora Jung’s “Painter in Linen”

September 14, 2017

On Thursday night, the Finlandia community was introduced to the late Finnish artist Dora Jung by collector Tuomas Sopanen. Sopanen gave a spirited look through Jung’s entire career, from her innovation, to her work through world conflict and eventually into modern minimilsm. The exhibit, titled “Painter in Linen” featured more than 60 textiles and was up from July 27 through Thursday’s closing reception. Enjoy the photos from the event, and notes from Sopanen’s final slide.

Six reasons to admire Dora Jung

  1. Beauty and harmony in her works
  2. Many sidedness
  3. Overcoming the restriction of the damask technique by innovations
  4. Attention to the smallest detail which results in perfection in her works
  5. Careful consideration of the place or use of her textiles
  6. Modesty and appreciation of her weavers
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