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Lion Around podcast kicks off new school year

August 27, 2018

With the 2018-2019 school year starting today, Finlandia University has decided to roll out a new podcast called Lion Around, a student-hosted podcast that will find the hosts in different locations around campus for each episode.

This semester Lion Around will be hosted by seniors Monica Freeman and Gina Geliche. Freeman is majoring in marketing and graphic design and is a member of the volleyball team and Servant Leadership House. Geliche will be graduating in the spring with a degree in Fiber Arts. She is also a member of the Servant Leadership House, Helsinki Slang and is a student ambassador.

For the first episode, Freeman and Geliche streamed from Finlandia Hall to discuss the differences between coming to school freshmen year and senior year.  As for most freshmen, Finn Hall was where both Freeman and Geliche started their Finlandia experience. After a year or so of dorm living, Geliche moved into the Servant Leadership House, with Freeman moving in a year later. The pair have been roommates in the house for the past two years, going on three, as they prepare to graduate.  Freeman started the conversation by mentioning the differences in responses that she has received between the years, mentioning that freshman year people want to know where you go and what you are going for, versus senior year where people want to know what your plan is after college. Geliche responded to that by saying she finds that question to also be difficult since she wants to go to graduate school but is unsure she would like to pursue further.

Freeman and Geliche also brushed on the importance of keeping track of keys and ID cards, with the thought that ID cards can help students receive discounts in a variety of places like movie theatres, restaurants, stores, museums, etc. Knowing what to pack and what not to pack for college was another topic of discussion, with both Freeman and Geliche stating that they overpacked their first year and have “dialed it down” since. The pair of hosts admitted that moving home with the amount of stuff they have left at the house throughout the years could be somewhat difficult.

Freeman and Geliche touch on a few more topics before wrapping up the podcast. To listen to the entire podcast, look below this article or check out the Finlandia Podcast Network on your favorite podcast app or website, where you can subscribe to make sure you never miss any of the Finlandia podcasts.

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