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Karl Bohnak and Kathryn Remlinger book signing scheduled for Heikinpäivä

January 26, 2018

North Wind Books welcoming two regional authors

Authors Karl Bohnak and Kathryn Remlinger will be on hand for Heikinpäivä 2018 with book signings scheduled for Saturday, January 27. Bohnak will be at North Wind Books starting at 11 a.m., and Remlinger will be at the Finnish American Heritage Center’s Historical Archive starting at 1 p.m.

The signings are being hosted by North Wind Books, the official bookstore of Finlandia University. Books from both authors are available now.

About Karl Bohnak

Karl Bohnak is an Upper Peninsula celebrity as he has been the main man in the TV6 Weather Center since 1988. His interests brought him to a career in broadcasting and later to the study of meteorology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He holds the American Meteorological Society’s broadcast seal of approval and has written a book about weather and history of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He will be presenting about his newest book, Sunburns to Snowstorms.

About Kathryn Remlinger

Kathryn Remlinger is a professor of English at Grand Valley State University in Allendale. She will be presenting with her new book Yooper Talk. Yooper Talk is a fresh and significant contribution to understanding regional language and culture in North America. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan—known as “the UP”—is historically, geographically, and culturally distinct. Struggles over land, labor, and language during the last 150 years have shaped the variety of English spoken by resident Yoopers, as well as how they are viewed by outsiders.

Learn more about North Wind Books at bookstore.finlandia.edu and about Heikinpäivä at finnishamericanreporter.com/heikinpaiva.

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