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Kangas wins North Wind Books shootout 

November 13, 2017

Tyler Kangas, a student at Finlandia University, won the North Wind Books Sharpshooter Challenge on Nov. 11.  The challenge was at the men’s hockey game against Trine.

For the challenge, there was a board covering the net with a slot at the bottom in the middle. Kangas put his shot from the red line through the slot to win a $250 book voucher from North Wind Books. The North Wind Books challenge will be at all men’s and women’s varsity hockey home games.

There is also a Coca-Cola Sharpshooter Challenge which will be at all varsity men’s hockey home games. If you put your shot in from the blue line you get free Coca-Cola for a year.

There will also be a North Wind Books Half-Court Shot contest at all men’s and women’s basketball home games.  If you hit a shot from mid-court, you win a $250 book voucher from Northwind Books.

To enter the contest, just go to the ticket table and fill out the entry form. The Coca-Cola Challenge is open to anyone. The Northwind Books Challenge is only open to current Finlandia University students and the voucher is to be used the next semester.

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