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The Guardian highlights Keweenaw’s past and limitless future

April 10, 2017

The iconic Quincy Mine hoist remains as a reminder of the copper mining days of yore

British news publication The Guardian recently ran an article detailing the past, present, and hopeful future of the Keweenaw. Penned by Michigan local Josh MacIvor-Andersen, the piece explores the lingering presence of the mining industry in the Copper Country, and how this cornerstone of the region’s history might have a part to play in years to come.

The article notes the turning point the Upper Peninsula now faces: “The Keweenaw is at a crossroads. An industry of extraction has mostly ended, entire towns have emptied, and those who cling to this place are looking for what’s next.”

Framed by the evolution of the role of copper mining, from the arduous yet lucrative labor sites of yesteryear to the seemingly treacherous adventure tourism traps of today, the article walks through the history of the Keweenaw.

Though towns and wealth have dwindled since the mines shut down, the piece’s tone is one of positivity. Low housing costs coupled with the call of outdoor activities and the natural beauty of the area and of Lake Superior offer opportunities found nowhere else in the world, and the article believes that in the future, another generation of pioneers will see the value in these unique assets.

“With the right eyes, there’s plenty to see.”

Read the full article at The Guardian.

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