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Four reasons to get a degree in international business

January 27, 2016

Inernational Business at Finlandia University

As the world has globalized, more small- and medium-sized businesses have the potential to do business internationally. Many are already there. However, many of these companies also lack the expertise needed to operate successfully in the global marketplace. With a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Business from Finlandia’s International School of Business, you’ll have the advantage you need to land a job in a crowded marketplace. Below we lay out the reasons why.

Organizations need professionals with expertise in international business

The concentration in international business at Finlandia will give you the theoretical knowledge, and practical skills needed to make a difference. You will learn to spot new opportunities, judge a firm’s readiness for entering the global marketplace, evaluate the options for going abroad, and select and implement the chosen international strategy. You will furthermore learn about practical matters of being a successful international business person.

Opportunity for international exchange to study and learn first-hand

The Finlandia University International School of Business has exchange opportunities in many countries, including many connections in Finland, one of the world’s most innovative and entrepreneurial countries. Business school faculty and advisors will work with you to ensure that your exchange is a rewarding one, and will keep you on track to graduate on time. Going on an exchange will be a lifetime experience that will help you stand out from the crowd in the eyes of potential employers.

Our faculty will assist you in landing an internship with an international firm

Finlandia University has an established network of companies and organizations where you can do an internship in your field in order to actually gain real-world experience.

You will gain a wider perspective on business and the world we live in

Companies are looking for employees with a global perspective, the ability to adapt to new opportunities and challenges, and a wider understanding of the world we live in. A BBA in international business from Finlandia University will give you the opportunity to develop into such a person. You will learn about different cultures, how business is done around the world, and how to adapt and thrive in new situations.

Finlandia University’s International Business degree is offered through the Inernational School of Business. This was written by the school’s dean, Kevin Manninen.

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