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Finlandia Fridays speaks with local transfer student

November 18, 2016

img_3641This installment of Finlandia Fridays features a local student by the name of Samantha Richards who transferred into Finlandia from a larger institution. Richards, a Dollar Bay alum who is majoring in accounting, was asked to be apart of this week’s episode because of one of her latest Instagram posts.  “This post was touching to some of the staff at Finlandia,” said Michael H. Babcock, host of Finlandia Fridays.

Finlandia University strives to be the university you are looking for and wants to give absolutely every student the best college experience. This is just what Richards post described as she discussed her life since transferring into Finlandia from a larger institution.

In her post (pictured to the right) she explains how Finlandia has given her the motivation, and the want, to go to class everyday, enjoying school much more than she had before.

Finlandia University always looks to give the best possible experience to its students and hopes for nothing less than satisfaction and enjoyment. Posts like Richards are something we love to see and are happy to give her and hopefully each one of our students a wonderfully memorable college experience.


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