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Finlandia Fridays with Board of Trustees President

January 27, 2017

This week Finlandia Fridays sits down with Board of Trustees President Julie Badel. Badel was in town, from Chicago, for the annual winter Board of Trustees meeting. She explains her joy of coming to the Upper Peninsula every year as it is where her mother grew up. It is a place she has grown to love and she “never complains about coming up here. It feels like home.”

Julie BadelBadel became interested in Finlandia University while attending the Finnish American Lawyers Association meeting. She was approached by, at that time, Finlandia President Robert Ubbelohde inquiring if she’d be interested in Finlandia’s Finnish Council. To which she replied “of course!” Badel goes on to reminisce of her fond memory of entering the meeting as a complete stranger, but feeling at home and welcomed the instance she stepped foot in the door.

Finlandia University, the only Finnish founded university still in operation in North America, has brought many great memories to Badel. She adores the students and their energy stating this is something she doesn’t see at other universities.

Host Michael H. Babcock elaborates on that point, “there is so much one-on-one attention, which is really a rewarding experience for many students.” The attention to the students directly is something offered at Finlandia that is unique from other universities. At Finlandia you are not a number or a name, but a friend to other students, faculty and staff.


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